Dragon Ball Sparking Zero Gameplay Trailer Confirms Alternate Costumes

The recent Master vs. Apprentice gameplay trailer for Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero has finally outright confirmed that the game will feature alternate costumes. The hope for Vegeta's Badman shirt is still alive, folks.

As exciting as Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero is for anyone who longs for the days of Budokai Tenkaichi, there's still a lot about it that we don't know. What will its story mode look like? Does it have couch co-op or were the rumours about it being online only true? Will Chi-Chi return to offer commentary on all the characters?

Those are all very valid questions and ones that we're anxiously awaiting the answers to, but one of the biggest questions that fans have had since Sparking Zero was announced is whether or not it'll include alternate outfits. The classic Budokai Tenkaichi games (and Raging Blast) had a few for most characters, but more recent games like FighterZ and Xenoverse have been a bit more lax about it.

Just a few weeks ago, a V-Jump scan of Sparking Zero revealed several new characters for Sparking Zero, including Future Gohan, Beerus, Whis, and Videl. It also seemed to suggest that alternate outfits are a thing, as Piccolo was shown with a different costume and Master Roshi looked like his Dragon Ball Z self instead of his Max Power form.

Now that the latest gameplay trailer has been released for Sparking Zero and the website's roster has been updated to include all of those new characters, we can finally confirm that alternate outfits are a thing. The key characters to pay attention to here are Piccolo and Videl, who both provide substantial evidence for the feature.

First up is Piccolo, who is shown in this trailer with his turban and cloak, unlike previous trailers which have shown him in his standard purple gi. There was some speculation that this was an early Dragon Ball Z version of Piccolo, but the roster wasn't updated to include him, which suggests he's just got one variation (until the inevitable Super version, at least) and two costumes.

Then there's Videl, who outright confirms costumes in the trailer, as she's shown with her classic pigtails and long-sleeved look and her short-haired design from later in Dragon Ball Z. You might not notice it in the trailer, but Videl's design completely changes between shots, which suggests it's a different match where she's changed outfits.

There's a small chance that Videl and Piccolo are changing outfits due to battle damage and not due to player choice, but it seems unlikely since both are shown without a scratch on them when in their different costumes. It would also be a very strange decision to limit outfits to a gameplay mechanic, so we can pretty much count alternate outfits as being a sure thing in Sparking Zero.

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they're always surprising us with other things in gameplay trailers before they release the game


Always are some awesome fun games !