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Description: You can get this in the video tape portion, while doing the Wrecked Ship area. You will eventually come to the remote...
Views: 205
Description: This can be rather difficult to obtain if you're trying to kill 2 enemies at once with one shot. The Burner weapon...
Views: 147
Description: You must obtain this achievement in the old house. The description mentions doors, but you can also remove insects from...
Views: 227
Description: This is best done on the first or second enemy to get it out of the way (not the family characters). Later, enemies can...
Views: 184
Description: There are some backpacks in the game that give you more item slots. If for some reason you miss them, after the wrecked...
Views: 173
Description: There are thirty-three antique coins that can be found on madhouse difficulty. All of them must be collected in a...
Views: 206
Description: There are a lot of things you can read throughout the game, but there are specific ones that count as files. There are...
Views: 265
Description: Destroy a bobble head. All collectibles can be found in the following...
Views: 163
Description: here are a total of twenty Mr. Everywhere statuettes. The Mr. Everywhere statuette collectibles carry over between...
Views: 207
Description: After you obtain the wooden statuette (drain the bathtub in the upstairs bathroom of the main house) and solve the...
Views: 64