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Borderlands 2 - Blight Explorer

Tutorial Name: Borderlands 2 - Blight Explorer  

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26/26 Locations

In total, you'll need to find 18 locations across all 4 of these areas. Keep in mind this achievement is *TIME* Consuming. You'll also need to uncover the whole map of that area. Here is a list of all areas for this achievement;

It might help to explore ALL the edges of the map as well where the dark blue shadow is that looks hidden on your map. You can tell if you completed the map area by the white lining around the map. I strongly suggest that you re-look your map to see the hidden shadows.
Please NOTE that you might not be able to get all the areas. You might have to beat the story mode first.

Arid Nexus; Badlands (Borderlands 1 Map 3/3)

*T.K. Baha's House - His house is right where the one in the first one was. Same spot! South Corner of the map has a basement full of money!
*Hyperion Info Stockyar - After beating Saturn you\'ll be able to access this area using a lift elevator crossing a highway. Hyperion Robots and building shouldn\'t miss during Story Mission.
*Fyrestone - Right from the beginning? Or is it?

Arid Nexus; Boneyard (6/6)

*Eridium Pump Station 1 - Station has robots and Engineers. Shouldn\'t miss if you\'re trying to uncover the whole map.
Pump Station 2 - Have to use an elevator next to the catch-a-ride. Go down the elevator and uncover the map. Should get if you do the story mission.
Pump Station 3 - You might have to go back to this or during story mission not sure drive a car to it and get out to uncover could be bad guys here. It's in the North west side of your map.
*Hyperion Truth Network - Right ahead from where you spawn have to wait till after completing the story or a side mission I\'m not for sure on this. Should open then.
*Loader Maintenance Depot - Right next to Hyperion House where tons of enemies are.
*Transmix Regulator Station - A pipe will lead you here but you have to blow up one of the pipe sides to get inside the pipe. To do so use the ramp to ram the car into the pipe side that is glowing green. Should be during a mission you can do this.

Sawtooth Cauldron (7/7)

( This area is highly confusing and a pain there is only one travel station. To get out of this place you\'ll have to really look at your map for a small slim ramp leading to the travel station. )
*Main Street Reservoir - You\'ll see this area after the side mission with putting up flags for Brick.
*Smoking Guano Grotto - Has more enemies here in a smaller cavern/grotto has lava on the bottom level. Elevator is here to get to the top of Buzzards Nest.
*The Buzzard Nest - Have to take Elevator in the Smoking Grotto up to it. The last area you\'ll get on your map. It\'s very missable** Buzzards are up here. Last side mission for Sawtooth is up here to collect or do.
*Avie's Camp - (EXTREMELY MISSABLE AREA)** Have to jump off the SW corner of The Buzzards Nest. To get to the Buzzards Nest you have to use an Elevator. The camp there has a teddy bear head on a chair and some Loot!
*Cramfist's Foundry - Enter from Avie\'s Camp or Main Street. Bunch of enemies here.
*Scalding Remnants - Thrassers and bandits are here. A lake of water is around the couple bandit camps. Really awesome looking place during the day.
*Sawtooth Stilts - Should be down a hill in an area by tons of enemies might be over whelming in not a high rank. By a save spot this is also how you get back and forth from getting out of Sawtooth.

Eridium Blight (10/10)

*Human Dwelling Place - You\'ll meet a robot here named Mal. He wants to be human so you\'ll do side missions for him to become human. It\'s Mal\'s house pretty much. Ore Chasm is right next to here.
*Bruiseboulder Quarry - You should drive on this road to Arid Nexus during the Story Mission. Should just show up when you drive through.
*Eridium Extraction Plant - Past a big opening door with two robots that spawn in front of it. Ton\'s of Robots here.
*Infused Grotto - To get to this have to shut off main power from the turret gun that\'s by the first opening door where the spawn entrance is. It\'s underground and it looks like a purple cave filled with Bullymongs and Rakks. You can also drop in on it from Quarry next to the Catch-a-Ride.
*The Slag Scar - By/Under broken bridge right from where you spawn. Bullymongs are down here has a purple crack texture.
*Grandma's House - Should be right next to the bandit camp Slag Scar. Has a white fence in front of it. During a side mission "To Grandma\'s House we go." It\'s Jack\'s Grandma\'s house on a hill.
*Stagma Vapour Extraction - During a side mission. It\'s past a bridge next to Lava. Should be a bandit camp.
*Slagma Refinery - Middle area of the map next to the Slag Scar Bandit Camp.
*Mount Hellsfront - Next to a Lavafall. Bandit Camp here right by the "Kill yourself" Mission.
*Lover's Leap - Past Lavafall, up a latter during a side mission "Kill yourself" with Jack he wants you to jump of the edge. DON\'T! You get more XP when you press the button and a gun. It\'s in Mount Hellsfront.


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