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Dark Souls 3 - Master of Expression

Tutorial Name: Dark Souls 3 - Master of Expression  

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There are 33 gestures in the game. You start with seven and must find the other 26.

This solution contains two parts: a list of each of the gestures in the order shown in the gesture menu and then a walkthrough for getting them all in order. It is possible to earn this achievement in your first playthrough but you can collect gestures across multiple playthroughs.

Several gestures are missable. Several gestures require specific steps for NPC questline advancement.

Talk to Yoel of Londor not far from the Foot of the High Wall bonfire and he will relocate to Firelink Shrine, then talk to him there.

Call Over
Obtained by trading a with the crows at their nest above Firelink Shrine. A Homeward Bone or a Firebomb, among other things, will work for this.
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Talk to the Cornyx in the Undead Settlement and he will relocate to Firelink Shrine, then talk to him there.
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Obtained as part of Leonhard's questline. Talk to the him when he appears in Firelink Shrine (leaning on the large throne) and he will give you some Cracked Red Eye Orbs. Obtain a Pale Tongue (one can be found in the Undead Settlement near where you fight a fire demon with Siegward, two can be found in the Cathedral of the Deep) and talk to him again; he will give you a key to a locked door beneath the Tower on the Wall bonfire that leads to an imprisoned Darkwraith. Kill the Darkwraith to receive a Red Eye Orb, then talk to Leonhard again to receive the gesture.
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Quiet Resolve
Obtained by talking to Anri of Astora at the Church of Yorshka. You must first talk to him/her at the Halfway Keep bonfire, then in Firelink Shrine after defeating the Deacons of the Deep, then in two places in the Catacombs of Carthus.
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Obtained for giving Siegward his full set of armor when he is in the well by the Cleansing Chapel bonfire. You must open the doors that leads to the outside of the chapel (go up a lift somewhat near the Deacons of the Deep boss area) to make Siegward appear in the well, then buy his armor from Patches in Firelink Shrine.
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Obtained by talking to Blacksmith Andre in Firelink Shrine.
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Praise the Sun
Obtained by interacting with the Sunlight Altar in Lothric Castle. From the Dragonslayer Armor bonfire, backtrack and climb the ladder on the right side of the building. Follow this path around and down to a room with the Altar.
Note that this gesture would be the last you can obtain should you get them all as early as possible.
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My Thanks!
Obtained from Knight Hunter Tsorig, an enemy who can be encountered either as a red phantom invader (if you are in ember form) near the breakable bridge that leads to High Lord Wolnir in the Catacombs of Carthus or as a human near a lava area in the Demon Ruins below Smouldering Lake. You will get the gesture if you kill him OR if he kills you.
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Proper Bow
Kill Yellowfinger Heysel, an red phantom who will invade you in Farron Keep (and/or in Crucifixion Woods) if you are in ember form. Then, offer one Pale Tongue to Rosaria in the Cathedral of the Deep. Yellowfinger Heysel's summon sign then appears next to the tower full of slugs near the Keep Ruins bonfire. Summon her and you will receive the gesture.
NOTE: this must be done before killing the Abyss Watchers. Also, be sure to get Sirris' gesture first as offering a pale tongue to Rosaria angers Sirris and ends her questline.
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Dignified Bow
Obtained by talking to Yuria Of Londor in Firelink Shrine.
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Duel Bow
Obtained after summoning Londor Pale Shade. This summon sign can be found near the Farron Keep Perimeter bonfire (and later outside Pontiff Sulyvahn's room) if you have five Dark Sigils. You receive a Dark Sigil each time you level up through Yoel of Londor.
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Legion Etiquette
Obtained by interacting with the Old Wolf of Farron.
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Darkmoon Loyalty
Obtained by talking to Sirris of the Sunless Realms the second time she appears in in Firelink Shrine. Her first visit came after I talked to Anri and Horace at the Halfway Keep bonfire. Her second visit came after I gave the Dreamchaser's Ashes near the Old Wolf of Farron bonfire to the Handmaid (and telling her where I found it).
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By My Sword
Obtained after summoning Black Hand Gotthard. His summon sign can be found near the Abyss Watchers and Pontiff Sulyvahn.
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Obtained by talking to Irina of Carim in her prison in the Undead Settlement.
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Silent Ally
Obtained by talking to Orbeck of Vinheim once he relocates to Firelink Shrine. I had returned two of the four Sorcery scrolls and bought 15 of his spells before he gave me the gesture.
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Obtained by sitting at a bonfire for the first time.
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Obtained by talking to Hawkwood at Firelink Shrine- just be sure to talk to him every time you return and he will give it to you.
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Patches Squat
Obtained by talking to Patches while he's squatting in Firelink Shrine.
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Obtained by saying "no" to Patches in Firelink Shrine when he asks for forgiveness.
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Obtained by talking to Siegward after helping him fight the Fire Demon in the Undead Settlement.
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Obtained by talking to Siegward after he gives you the "Toast" gesture.
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Curl Up
Obtained through Greirat's brief questline. You must release him from his cell in High Wall, then give him Loretta's Bone once he relocates to Firelink Shrine (found on a corpse hanging on the outside of the first building in the Undead Settlement).
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Stretch Out
Found on a corpse next to the Profaned Capital bonfire.
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Path of the Dragon
Found on a corpse in the room just beyond Oceiros, the Consumed King's boss room.
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Instructions for getting all gestures in your first playthrough


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