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How to Setup Your New Xbox Series X/S

Tutorial Name: How to Setup Your New Xbox Series X/S  

Category: Xbox Series X/S Tutorials

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1: To get started, download the official Xbox app on your device.
2: Plug in your Xbox console and start it.
3: It will ask you to set up the official Xbox app.You will be given a 10 character code (all letters) that you will enter into the app in the next few steps.

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4: In the app, select the icon that looks like an Xbox console in the upper right corner.
5: Select Set Up a Console and then Set Up a New Console.
6: This is where you will enter the 10 character code.
7: Enter the code and select Connect to Console.
8: Click Join when it asks to connect to Wi-fi.
9: You should receive a confirmation message when the app is connected with your console.

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10: Next, you will select the Wi-fi network you want to join and click Next.
11: You will then be prompted to update the console (even though it's brand new).
12: Your console should say that it is updating at this point. You can continue on with set up in the app in the meantime.
13: In the app, your next step will be to choose your power mode (Energy Saving or Instant On).
14: Hit Next to go to the Sign in and Security Options.
15: The Next button will take you to the Automatic Updates option.
16: You will next be asked if you want to turn on remote features. This will allow your phone to communicate with your game console anytime.

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17: Next you'll need to sign in with your Xbox profile. You'll receive a notice about how your information will be used.
18: Give your console a name and next choose whether you want to receive marketing emails.
19: Next up will be Copy Your Settings. If you already have an Xbox One set up, you can just copy your settings over. Choose Copy Settings or Start Fresh.

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20: At this point, you are done with app set up.
21: If you've done everything correctly, your console should say "Checking for your settings" and it will then ask you to press the "Xbox" button on your controller and then tap A when prompted.
22: It will then prompt you to updated your controller.
23: Once everything is updated, it will ask if you're interested in setting up Game Pass. Decide if you want to join or not.
24: Click Take Me Home and you will return to the Xbox dashboard.
25: Your good to go!


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