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GTA V - No Country For Old Men, Easter Egg

Tutorial Name: GTA V - No Country For Old Men, Easter Egg  

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GTA V - No Country For Old Men Easter Egg

In reference to a movie, this Easter Egg takes place. On the left side of the map is where you can find this. You will go up the road and come across a bunch of jeeps, and people laying on the ground. Some of them will be alive, but most will be dead. If you don't kill any of them they will often tell you a little of what's going on. If you go down the hill ahead of where this is all located, you will come across a brief case, in-between two guys who are half alive, they will both say things such as, "don't touch that briefcase", and "you're a dead man". Which may make you think twice about picking up the briefcase, but knowing most people, you will do it anyway. Once you pick up the briefcase you will gain $25,000, and you should be on your way. Later you will be attacked by people in jeeps, or maybe even on motorcycles. I have seen comments of both.


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They sure went all out when it comes to Easter eggs in this game, to think that there are more that nobody has came across yet