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GTA V Mission #19 -Derailed

Tutorial Name: GTA V Mission #19 -Derailed  

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Michael and Trevor plan a scheme to rob a train carrying a mysterious cargo, which the latter believes to be highly valuable. Trevor sets off to pursue the train alone, while Michael goes to find a boat for the hit. Riding a dirt bike, Trevor finds the train and chases it on a country railroad, then boards it using a ramp. He dismounts from the bike and makes his way across the carriages, eventually reaching the front and knocking out the driver to assume control.
Trevor steers the train into a collision course with another locomotive, climbing out to the top and jumping into the river before both trains are destroyed in a spectacular crash in a bridge above the Zancudo River. He meets up with Michael in a boat, who uses explosive charges to open the target container in the water. The two fight off a private security unit, who attacks them with paratroopers and helicopters. Having recovered the train's cargo, Trevor boards the boat and fends off the enemy as Michael drives. The two eventually reach open waters and board separate escape vehicles.


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Now this was an absolutely awesome mission, the highlight of it was when you where riding the dirtbike across the train if you ask me. I seriously thought i was going to fall off a few times but i managed to get it on my first try :)