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GTA V Mission #4 - Complications

Tutorial Name: GTA V Mission #4 - Complications  

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Simeon orders Franklin to steal a yellow BeeJay X from Michael's mansion. Upon arriving, Franklin knocks out the gardener and proceeds to sneak into Michael's home. Franklin needs to navigate the house in a stealthy manner, passing through the kitchen, and entering the garage to steal the car. Franklin manages to successfully steal the car and drives away from Michael's home back to the dealership. Suddenly Michael, who was hidden in the truck's backseat, points a gun at Franklin's head and threatens him, asking him who he is working for and to do what Michael says. Franklin stops near the dealership, and Michael then orders him to drive through the dealership window. A short cutscene plays where Michael quickly gives Franklin some cash and tells him to leave the scene. The player then has to beat up Simeon. After sufficiently beating Simeon enough, another cutscene is triggered. Michael orders Simeon to leave his son alone, and then threatens him not to cross him again.


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This was an awesome mission for multiple reasons. The first being Michael's awesome introduction and the second being that i got to see Simeon's shop being smashed up and him being beat the shit out of (it goes without saying that i didn't like him very much)