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how to mod zombies OFFLINE usb

Tutorial Name: how to mod zombies OFFLINE usb  

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Submitted By: cpl_cutiepie_33

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All you need is:
the .gpd
and a xbox of course


Step 1: Go into settings, then memory, then click on your hard drive an go into gamer profiles, and move the profile you want to your usb device
Step 2: Now, you are going to need to go into memory and then select your hard drive and go into games
Step 3: Scroll down to Call of Duty Black Ops and open it
Step 4: Delete the item called Title update #4 (do not worry, you will get it back when you go onto live)
Step 5: Unplug your ethernet cable. (You must do this so you wont have to do the title update online.)


Step 1: Make a folder on your desktop (this is optional, i like this better)

Step 2: Open up modio

Step 3: Click on the M in the top left and select explor my device

Step 4: Click file, then click open/close my device
Step 5: Now click through the folders until you get to the last file. It should be called something like this: E00007DFAE0C9565

Step 6: Drag that into the file you made on your desktop or onto your desktop

Step 7: Minimize the explore my device window, DO NOT EXIT OR DELETE THE WINDOW, and go back to the window with the big M

Step 8: Now drag the file from your desktop or folder into the middle of the window. Your profile should pop up.

Step 9: Go into file contents and right click on the 41560885.gpd

Step 10: Click replace and replace it with the modded gpd

Step 11: Now click rehash and resign a few times

Step 12: Open up the explore my device window and drag the profile on your desktop or in the folder over the profile in modio

Step 13: It should ask you if you want to replace this file, click yes (you know it worked if u see the kb change)


Step 1: Plug your usb into your xbox and go into memory again

Step 2: Move your profile from your usb to your hard drive (if the profile name says "corrupt profile" then you did something wroung)

Step 3: Play zombies and enjoy!
.GPD: filefront.com/17680519/41560855.gpd
Modio: game-tuts.com/community/index.php?pageid=modio

sorry about the video quality...my dazzle broke the other day

- Pressing the back button once will enable all infections and activate instructions set one.
- Right Trigger = Shooting + Give ammo ( Infinite Ammo )

Instructions Set One : Player Modifications :
- Back Button = Toggle Noclip + Give Ammo + Give Freeze gun/Thunder Gun/Death Machine ( Depending on what map youre on )
- DPAD UP = Toggle god mode
- DPAD LEFT = Toggle third person
- DPAD RIGHT = Toggle promod perspectives
- DPAD DOWN = Drop current weapon
- B button = Alien vision toggle ( Have no clue what to call this )
- Left Bumper = Toggle cartoon mode on/off
- Right Stick = Annihiliate all zombies On/Off ( Dont use it to kill the doctor or the game wont go past the round youre on )
- Right Bumper = Changes to instruction set two, the weapon shop

Instruction Set Two : The Weapon Shop :
- Back Button = Changes to instruction set one, player modifications
- B Button = Drop ALL weapons ( Ray gun, M72, Death Machine, Etc, Etc )
- Right Bumper = Toggles Game Speed ( Fast, Slow, Regular )

Infections :
- Fully automatic triple burst and semi automatic weapons
- Smexy bullet trails
- Gun sticks out promod style ( Different from changing the promod perspective )
- Essentially infinite melee range
- Double tap = Godly now ( You have to buy the perk )
- Far away revives
- Infinite ammo
- The chest doesnt move at all no matter how many times you use it
- Faster walking speed
- Zombie bodies fly up after you kill them
- Really really long last stand time like 10+ minutes lol

msg me on youtube, xbox, or ttg if you need help, or comment below

rep would be appreciated


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mine says currupt file how do i fix this


can i use this to host a private match with friends


Make a Full DPAD Modmenu. Way Better


if i turn it off how do i set up the mods again?


infamyshot my kill allzombies thing doesnt work :/
hmmm try it in the second set


my kill allzombies thing doesnt work :/


Please. I really need help. A video told me I needed to delete my cache on my HDD and usb (so I did).
I then proceeded the steps above and I keep on getting corrupt profile. I even created a new profile from scratch to see if I could get it to work (it didn't), but instead of corrupting, it damages my avatar, forcing me into avatar creator, and deleting all default settings for Black Ops (such as screen safe size and brightness) making me reset it when I go on the game.
I have tried multiple 41560885.gpd but none of them have worked for me. What exactly does this file edit?