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Black Ops 2: How to Get the Hell's Redeemer

Tutorial Name: Black Ops 2: How to Get the Hell's Redeemer  

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How to Get The Hell's Redeemer in Mob of the Dead

The Hell's Redeemer is the blue upgraded tomahawk that can be found in Mob of the Dead. It is very effective in high rounds. This can only be done on Online games and not in local and it has to be on Normal difficulty.
Step One: Get the Hell's Retriever by killing 6 zombies in front of the 3 dogs on the map that are located at the docks, in the infirmary, and the last one is in the cell block.
Step Two: Once you have got the Hell's Retriever, make sure you have the plane constructed by collecting the 5 parts from around the map and constructing them on the roof. Then take off in the plane to the Golden Gate Bridge.
Step Three: Then once on the Bridge you need to get 30 kills with the Tomahawk, then you will hear a laughing sound. This should take only a round but it could take two depending on the level you re on. You MOST USE ONLY THE TOMAHAWK to get the 30 kills.
Step 4: Go back to the Prison and then go to the cellblock and then go to where the dog is and below that there is the fire pit, then throw the tomahawk into it. Your tomahawk should not come back to you.
Step 5: Finish the round that you are currently on. Then go down to the Laundry Room and use the Afterlife machine to go into afterlife and then go to the place in the hall where you originally found the tomahawk and then it will be there the blue tomahawk, as long as you are in afterlife.
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