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How to do good on Fifa 13 Career Mode

Tutorial Name: How to do good on Fifa 13 Career Mode  

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In Fifa 13, there is always a Career Mode, and it always improves over the years. Here is a little bit of a beginners guide on how I like to start off, and how to do pretty good at the beginning of your career.

When you first go to career, you will have the option of being a manager, or a player. When you're a player, you work your way up with the stats, and you play as your guy. As a manager, you manage the team with expenses, players, etc. You also play the games with your team. I will describe to you both scenarios as we go on and learn about Career Mode.

When you start it up for both Manager and Player modes, you will fill out some information about your player, and customize some things about them. Once you have done that, you will sign a contract to a team, and there will be a little news caption of you. From here, you basically start off your career.

Player Beginning

As a player, you basically look forward to your first game. It will be some preseason games you play first, as they will see what you have in the book for the regular season. Once the season starts, the Manager chooses when to Sub you, Bench you, etc. If this happens, you just control the rest of the team.

Manager Beginning

As a manager, you work up some trades and do business within and outside of your team. You will be trading players, and buying and selling a lot. You have a CAP limit and a Wage limit you have to follow though. The board will give you more money with more time and more games you win at that specific club. Right now though, you are considered the Rookie around the Club. You want to make sure you win games, so you get more money and more attraction towards your club. You will have to deal with a lot of player issues, and choose which ones to play each game. Players will start to get tired over a period of time, and be more vulnerable to injuries.

Player/Manager: Mid Season ( When you get going )

During this part of the Season, you should have the basics down as far as both concepts work. As a Manager, you should have already made a couple of buys and sells as far as players go. You will see how the whole community and fan base of your club supports you or not. Same thing goes when you are a player, you are either good or bad.

Upgrades (Manager and Player)

Player: When you play for a bit, you will see your player skill wise go up. This allows him to do way more than he used too. His skills moves, dribbling, shooting, etc. Will go straight up when you are playing. Hitting more achievements on the Career mode gives you a boost as well.

As you keep playing a certain player in your squad, you will see his overall go up. This especially happens will you are playing with people the in the overall 70's and low 80's. It is fun to see them go up, and see how much better they get.

Some starting up their Career Mode.

Example of a game being played.

Any questions, please comment below.


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I was never very good at Fifa 13 at all so this should help me out a fair bit, thanks :)


fantastic tutorial :)


This is a fantastic tutorial for new users of career mode, and Starify smells.