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Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2012 Achievement Guide

Tutorial Name: Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2012 Achievement Guide  

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Most Wanted Rides
Own all the Most Wanted cars (Single Player)
To own a Most Wanted car, you first need to earn the right to race against a Most Wanted racer by earning Speed Points. SP is collected by doing just about anything. Some tasks that will earn you SP include completing events, doing stunts, competing in Autolog, escaping pursuits, and playing online.

The number of Speed Points required to compete against each Most Wanted car are as follows:

Most Wanted #10 - 60,000 SP Alfa Romeo 4C Concept
Most Wanted #9 - 135,000 SP Shelby COBRA 427
Most Wanted #8 - 220,000 SP Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG
Most Wanted #7 - 315,000 SP Lexus LFA
Most Wanted #6 - 415,000 SP McLaren MP4-12C
Most Wanted #5 - 520,000 SP Porsche 918 Spyder Concept
Most Wanted #4 - 630,000 SP Lamborghini Aventador
Most Wanted #3 - 750,000 SP Bugatti Veyron Super Sport
Most Wanted #2 - 875,000 SP Pagani Huayra
Most Wanted #1 - 1,000,000 SP Koenigsegg Agera R

Once enough Speed Points are earned, start the Most Wanted event from the Easy Drive menu and drive to its location to start it. During the race, police will be in hot pursuit the whole time. Police presence will be greater the further you move up the list. When you start getting higher up, it's a very good idea to have re-inflatable tires equipped to get through all the spike strips. Any car can be used for Most Wanted events.

Something to keep in mind is that rubber banding is pretty extreme in these events. Your rival will always be just behind you no matter what. It does work both ways though, so keeping up shouldn't be too difficult.

After the race is won, you are taken back to free roam and tasked with shutting them down to take their car. Get up close and ram them until you score a takedown. Each Most Wanted driver you wreck will also unlock a corresponding achievement for that particular car.

Don't sweat it if you lose track of them. They'll eventually reappear and pull up ahead of you as you're driving around the city. They are indicated by a black arrow on your mini-map.

Got to Smash Them All
Smashed every Billboard
There are 156 billboards in the game. Take the jump through them to smash and collect them. Billboards not yet collected have logos from various EA developers. After being smashed, it'll turn into a mini-leaderboard with the top friends Gamer Picture on it. This is how you will know if you've already collected a billboard.

Collect as many of these as you can as you play through the game. If you see one, find a way to smash it so you don't have to come back to it later. You can view all the locations of every billboard you've smashed by pressing and hitting until you get the billboards. Then, with the help of a guide, you'll be able to see which ones you've missed. Be sure to stick the landing; if you crash, you'll have to go back and try again.

The Gatecrasher
Broke through every Security Gate
There are 135 smashable security gates throughout the game. They usually signify a shortcut or special area (ie. an abandoned airfield). They have a "Restricted Area" sign on them. Explore every nook and cranny off the main roads to find them.

Love Them and Leave Them
Drove every Car
There are 31 cars to be found in Jack Spots, and 10 Most Wanted cars, for a total of 41 cars. For discoverable cars, you'll find Jack Spots all over the city. Each car has 3 Jack Spots. There's also the 10 Most Wanted cars that need to be earned. Once every car is found and earned, use the "Change Car" option from the Easy Drive menu to get in and use each car at least once.

Progress can be tracked by viewing the cars in your car milestones under -> Driver Details. There's a "drive this car" milestone for every car, which should be completed if you've used that car. Also note that you only have to get in the car for it to count. There's no minimum distance required. I was able to unlock it without even turning the key in most of them.

Found every Jack Spot
To earn this achievement, you'll need to find every Jack Spot. There are 31 cars to be found and 10 Most Wanted cars to earn. Each vehicle has 3 different Jack Spots.

There are 93 that are discoverable, and the remaining 30 are from Most Wanted cars. You do not need to switch cars to collect it, just drive near the car in a Jack Spot and it'll get added to your collection. Any that have already been found will appear as a steering wheel icon on the map.

The majority will be in plain sight. Keep an ear out for music coming from their stereos. You'll also notice that their headlights are always on and have a huge manufacturer's badge floating above them.

Find as many Jack Spots as you can on your own as you play through the game. When you start getting closer to finding them all, use a guide to see what you're missing and where to find it. Also note that the Jack Spot for the car you're currently driving will not appear on the map while you're still driving it.

Triggered every Speed Camera
There are 66 Speed Cameras scattered throughout the city. When you drive past one, a camera flash will fill your screen and your speed will be recorded. Every camera is on the main streets, so you should be able to earn this after you've spent enough time playing all the different events that will take you through said streets.

Go Pro or Go Home
Unlocked all the Pro mods on a car (Single Player)
Mods are modifications for your car that will improve its performance and stats. One of each type of mod can be equipped. Different mods will be beneficial in different situations and can be changed on the fly through the Easy Drive menu.

Unlocking Pro mods requires the Standard mods to be unlocked first. This is done by placing first in all five of the events tied to the car. Each event has two Standard mods for rewards. If you're having trouble, keep in mind that placing second still unlocks one mod, which you can use to increase your cars stats enough to make the event easier when you retry.

Once a Standard mod is unlocked, the Pro version of it is earned by equipping the Standard mod, and completing milestone requirements tied to it.

These are the mods you'll unlock and the milestone requirements to unlock Pro versions:

Off Road - Drive 5,000 yards off road with off road tires equipped.
Track - Drift 5,000 yards with track tires equipped.
Re-inflates - Hit 5 spike strips with re-inflates equipped.

Burn - Use burn nitrous for 300 seconds.
Powershot - Use Power Shot nitrous 25 times.

Lightweight - Get 60 seconds of air time with lightweight equipped.
Reinforced - Score 10 cop takedowns with reinforced equipped.

Aero - 120 seconds of slipstreaming with aero equipped.
Impact Protection - 2 crash escapes with impact protection equipped.

Long Gears - Drive 10,000 yards in oncoming traffic with long gears equipped.
Short Gears - 25 near misses with short gears equipped.

Feeling the Need
Emptied a full nitrous bar without hitting anything
Unlock nitrous by winning the first event in any car and then equip it. Fill the nitrous meter by getting air, doing drifts, and driving in oncoming traffic. Driving through a bodyshop will instantly fill your meter. Once it's filled, get a little speed and start holding to use your nitrous. Keep holding it until it's empty and the achievement will unlock.

Fix Me Up
Used a Bodyshop to paint or repair your car for the first time

Used a Jack Spot in a Pursuit (Single Player)

Kitchen Sink
Used a Billboard and a Jack Spot to successfully evade a pursuit (Single Player)
Find an area that has a Jack Spot and Billboard close together. Then look for a blue arrow on your mini-map: these are cops.

1. Start a pursuit by hitting the cop.
2. Drive straight towards the Jack Spot and hit to switch cars.
3. Drive straight towards the Billboard and smash it.
4. Run away.

Get outside the circle around the cops to enter cooldown. When cool down ends, you'll have escaped the pursuit and unlocked the achievement.

The Heat is Off
Escaped successfully from all Heat levels

There's a glitch where the cops can't make the jump to follow you onto the train tracks. You can start a pursuit, jump on the tracks, and evade the pursuit by driving out of the pursuit radius.

You can also increase your heat level by parking on top of the tracks where you can still be seen. The cops can see you and continue to increase your heat, but they won't be able to bust you.

For The Heat is Off achievement, you need to escape at each individual heat level (one through six) and it will unlock. You'll likely have already escaped lower heat levels if you've already been playing the game awhile, so it's probably faster to start at 6 and work your way down. So start a pursuit, get to heat level 6 and escape. Start a new pursuit, get to heat 5, and escape. Repeat for heat 4-1 until it unlocks.

Social Climber
Have 5 or more NFS friends
This achievement will unlock once you have five people on your friends list that have played the game.

If you don't have any friends with the game, use the Achievement Trading Thread to find some people to add, or leave your Gamertag for others to add.

You can also hit the button and select "Friends" to see Friend Recommendations. It'll display a list of people that are friends with people already on your friends list. Hit to add them.

How Do You Like Me Now?
Beat a friends Autolog Recommendation
Open the Easy Drive menu () and select "Autolog Recommends". This will show you a list of events, challenging you to beat your friends scores.

Choose an event, then choose a car to be taken directly to the event. Beat your friends score and the achievement will unlock.

Moving On Up
Moved up the Most Wanted List for the first time

Nothing Personal
Took down a friend in Multiplayer
1. Hit to open Easy Drive.
2. Select multiplayer.
3. Select Create Friends Game.
4. Invite a friend to your game.
5. When they join, meet up and ram them to take them down.

Best done when your friend is stationary. Having them switch to a light car like the Ariel Atom will help as well.

After Market
Unlocked a mod for a car in Multiplayer

Licensed to ill
Customized your license plate and number in Multiplayer
Hit , and select multiplayer. Join or create your own game. Hit again once you're in a game and select "Edit License Plate".

You'll have to complete milestones tied to license plate rewards to unlock backgrounds. Speed Points in single+multiplayer are linked, so if you've played the game at all, you should have at least "Running In" unlocked for reaching Speed Level 2. Select a plate and hit to apply.

Next, hit to edit plate registration. Enter anything you want and hit when you're satisfied. The achievement will then unlock.

Mix Master
Played a Custom Speedlist you created (Multiplayer)
Start a multiplayer game by selecting "Create Friends Game" from the Easy Drive menu. Then, select "Speedlists" from Easy Drive and edit 5 events into a custom speedlist. Next, invite a friend as custom speed lists can only be played in friend games.

Once you have someone in your game, start the custom speedlist you just created. You'll first be required to go to a meetup point, and once everyone is there, the event will start. Winning doesn't matter, so just play through to the end of all 5 events where the achievement will unlock.

A quick method is to create a custom Speedlist and selecting the "Arch Angels" challenge 5 times. It's a Park Up event, and it takes place the same place as the meetup. Because of this, you can sit in one spot the entire Speedlist and complete all 5 events without any effort. The event takes about 30 seconds each time.

The Modfather
Unlocked 3 Pro Mods in Multiplayer
Mods and cars in multiplayer are separate from the singleplayer. You'll first have to unlock Standard Mods by completing certain milestones in each car. After unlocking a Standard Mod, a new milestone for unlocking the Pro version will appear. Unlike the singleplayer Pro mod achievement, you only need to unlock 3 in multiplayer. Choose 3 that look easy and go for them.

Standard Mods
Off-Road - Jump 1,500 yards with Reinforced Chassis equipped.
Track - Drive 25 miles.
Reinflates - Drive 50 miles.

Burn - Free
Powershot - Drive 100 miles.

Lightweight - Get 60 Near Misses with Short Gears equipped.
Reinforced - Drive 200 miles.

Aero - Drive 5 miles.
Impact Protection - Get 10 takedowns with Powershot equipped.

Long Gears - Drift 5,000 yards with Track Tires equipped.
Short Gears - Drive 10 miles

Pro Mods
Off-Road Pro - Drive 60 miles Off-Road with Off-Road tires during Speedlists.
Track Pro - Drive 80 miles above 100MPH with Track Tires during SpeedLists.
Reinflates Pro - Reinflate 32 tires during SpeedLists

Burn Pro - Get Perfect Ntrious 40 times with Burn Nitrous during SpeedLists.
Powershot Pro - Get 50 Nitrous-powered Takedowns with Powershot equipped during SpeedLists.

Lightweight Pro - Jump 15,000 yards with Lightweight Chassis during Speedlists.
Reinforced Pro - Get 50 Takedowns with the Reinforced Chassis during Speedlists.

Aero Pro - Slipstream 20 miles with Aero Body during SpeedLists.
Impact Protection Pro - Get 20 Slam Takedowns with Impact Protection during SpeedLists.

Long Gears - Go through 40 Speed Cmeras above 100MPH with Long Gears equipped during SpeedLists.
Short Gears - Record a 100 yard Drift 160 times with Short Gears equipped during SpeedLists.

Second is Nothing
Finished first in every race, in every car (Single Player)
Fortunately, this achievement isn't nearly as bad as it might sound. You only have to finish first ONCE in each of the 61 unique events. There are a total of 51 events from the beginning of the game, and the Most Wanted races are the remaining 10 events.

Each car has access to 5 different events. Each new event will require you to drive to it's location to start it. You can jump directly to any event you've played previously. You can see a complete list of events you've found on the "Recommends" map. Any that are bright green haven't been won yet.

There are 3 difficulty levels. Difficulty levels can't be chosen. Whatever the difficulty the event is, is what you'll have to play. Most cars will consist of 1 easy event, 2 medium, and 2 hard. If you're even just a little above average when it comes to racing games, most of these still shouldn't be too hard. Sometimes all it takes is a little persistence. Use your first run through an event as a way to learn the track. When you retry, you'll know where to go and be able to stay ahead of the pack.

There are 5 types of events in singleplayer:

Circuits - Race against cars of similar class through several laps.
Sprints - Race from point A to point B against cars of similar class.
Speed Runs - Get from point A to point B with the highest average speed.
Ambush - Evade the pursuit within the set time.
Most Wanted Races - Move up the Most Wanted list to challenge rivals. After winning, shut them down to take their car.

Rim Shot
Escaped the cops with at least one blown tire
Do a burnout (hold +) until one tire pops before starting a pursuit. Waiting for a spike strip in the middle of a pursuit is making it harder on yourself.

Find a cop, indicated by blue arrows on your mini-map. Get a takedown on the cop so the pursuit starts and the cop is disabled right away. I chose to use the Raptor for this purpose as it's size & weight almost guarantees a takedown.

Drive away as fast as you can before the other cops get close enough to see you. The achievement will unlock after you've escaped and left cooldown mode.

In Your Face
Smashed a friends face on a billboard and beat their jump distance
First, you'll need at least one friend with the game. The more you have, the better your chances of earning this achievement.

There are 156 jumps with billboards scattered throughout the game. They start as EA developer logos until you smash them for the first time. They then turn into mini leaderboards for the person with the longest jump distance through that billboard.

On the right side of the billboard, you'll see the current leaders Gamer Picture. Take note of their jump distance. Get some distance and drive towards the billboard. Hit the nitrous, aim for the Gamer Picture, and get as much distance as you can. If you beat their jump distance, and stick the landing, you'll unlock this achievement.

Pit Stop
Repaired a burst tire at a Bodyshop
Locate a bodyshop. They're indicated by a green wrench icon on your mini-map. Next, hold down + to start a burnout. Make sure there's no cops around or you'll start a pursuit. Hold the burnout until at least one tire bursts. Drive through the bodyshop to unlock the achievement.

You can also intentionally run over a spike strip during a pursuit, and then find a bodyshop to drive through.

Alpha Dog
Shut down Most Wanted car number 10: Alfa Romeo 4C Concept (Single Player)

Shut down Most Wanted car number 9: Shelby COBRA 427 (Single Player)

Shut down Most Wanted car number 8: Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG (Single Player)

Lexus Ranger
Shut down Most Wanted car number 7: Lexus LFA (Single Player)

Track Weapon
Shut down Most Wanted car number 6: McLaren MP4-12C (Single Player)

Shut down Most Wanted car number 5: Porsche 918 Spyder Concept (Single Player)

Main Avent
Shut down Most Wanted car number 4: Lamborghini Aventador (Single Player)

White Gold
Shut down Most Wanted car number 3: Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (Single Player)

Mighty Wind
Shut down Most Wanted car number 2: Pagani Huayra (Single Player)

Dont Blink
Shut down Most Wanted car number 1: Koenigsegg Agera R (Single Player)

Got Busted for the first time
This achievement is difficult to miss. Any time you enter a pursuit, the cops will attempt to stop you. Just wait for the cops to pin you and watch the bust meter fill up at the bottom of the screen. The achievement will unlock once it's filled.

First Strike
Took down your first Cop

Took down 50 Cops
This will likely unlock this just playing through the game, but this can be farmed easily in a pursuit as well.

A good car to use for scoring easy takedowns is the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor. It'll toss aside police cars like toys, especially at lower heat levels. Start a pursuit by ramming a police car. More police will spawn behind you, so do a 180 and drive into them for some head-on takedowns. Even more will spawn behind you as your heat level increases, so turn around and repeat until the achievement unlocks.

You can start an Ambush event as well, but these start on higher heat levels where it will be more difficult. Starting at heat 1 with a single car, you'll get plenty of easy takedowns quickly, and before things start escalating too fast.

Slip the Cuffs
Drove through a roadblock without hitting it
While being pursued by police, they'll often set up roadblocks ahead of you. You'll usually be able to hear them say they've set up a road block on the radio. Road blocks are indicated on the mini-map by a red bar icon.

At lower heat levels, there's usually some conveniently placed gaps that you can drive through. Slow down if you need to, and drive through the gap without hitting any cops to unlock this achievement.

Battering Ram
Smashed through a roadblock without crashing
While being pursued by police, they'll often set up roadblocks ahead of you. You'll usually be able to hear them say they've set up a road block on the radio. You can see roadblocks on the mini-map, indicated by a red bar icon.

As you approach a roadblock, aim for one of the police cars in it and ram it. If you don't crash, you'll unlock the achievement. Aim for the front or the back, as hitting the middle usually ends up in a crash. Best done in cars with high toughness rating, or have reinforced chassis/impact protection equipped. You'll likely unlock this as you play through the game, since you'll hit alot of roadblocks anyway.

Did a 250 yard (228 .6 meter) drift
Find any moderately open space. Get some speed and tap +left/right to start a drift. Adjust your drift with and hold the drift until the achievement pops. There's also some turns in a few of the race events that are long enough to earn this achievement without much extra effort.

Wrecked 10 cops in a single pursuit in the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor
First, you'll need to find the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor in one of it's 3 Jack Spots.

Next, find a cop and ram them to start a pursuit. More police will keep spawning behind you, so do a 180 and drive into them for some head-on takedowns. As your heat level increases, even more will start spawning behind you, so turn around and repeat until the achievement unlocks.

If you somehow run out of cops to takedown, stay within the red/blue circle and wait for more to come.

Beast from the East
Escaped from the cops in the Marussia B2
First, you'll need to find a Jack Spot with the Marussia B2.

Next, find a police car and start a pursuit by ramming them. When you've outrun the cops and made it outside the circle around them, you'll enter cooldown. Cooldown can be sped up by using Jack Spots and Repair Shops. Ducking into an alley or other hiding place and clicking to turn off the engine also increases the rate of cooldown. When your heat has drained completely, the achievement will unlock.

Iron Boots
Drove over 5 spike strips with re-inflates equipped
Re-inflates are unlocked by finishing in at least 3rd place in all 5 events in a car. With this equipped, you'll only lose control for a few seconds after hitting a spike strip, and then your tires will re-inflate, allowing you to continue normally.

Spike strips will be dropped in pursuits. They're bright yellow, and will having flashing yellow lights. Usually, you'll see one next to a Corvette at roadblocks during pursuits, starting at heat level 5. Sometimes you'll also see a Corvette speed way ahead of you to get in position to drop a spike strip.

If you don't get this achievement just playing through the game, a very fast and easy place to get this is in "The Hunted" Ambush event. At the very start of the event, drive to the roof and jump off. This takes about 30 seconds and that's where you'll find two spike strips side by side. Run over one, turn around, and run over the other.

It's important to note that if you quit or retry the event, these won't count. So let yourself get busted to save your progress. Start the event again, and repeat until you've got 5 and unlock the achievement.

Took down every racer at least once in a single race
The easiest way to take down an opponent is to ram them towards a wall. It doesn't take much to earn a slam takedown this way, especially in heavier cars.

An easy event to get this on is the "Stopping Power" circuit race, as there are only 3 opponents. All 3 will start just ahead of you. Catch up to the closest one and bump them into the wall. You'll know you've taken them out if you get a takedown notification in the middle of the screen. Repeat with the next 2 cars. If you mess up, you can restart the event and quickly try again.

Cars with access to this event:

McLaren MP4-12C
Lamborghini Aventador
Bugatti Veyron Super Sport
Pagani Huayra
Note that they are all Most Wanted cars, so you don't have to worry about finding Jack Spots for them.

Escape Velocity
Jumped over 200 yards (182.88 meters) through a Billboard
There are 156 billboards scattered all across Fairhaven. There should be at least a couple where you can get the distance required.

First, you'll want to have a car that's light, and has decent acceleration & top speed. Try to win a few events and earn upgrades for your car that will increase your speed & acceleration further.

Find The Beltway, There's a giant structure of two glass rings with billboards on each one. Give yourself plenty of room to gain speed starting from Gunderson Avenue South. When you get close to the billboard, hit the nitrous. When you land, it'll tell you the distance you jumped. I hit around 130 MPH on my run and that was enough for the achievement.

Fast Forward
Triggered a speed camera at over 200mph (321.97km/h)
Find a nice, long, straight stretch of road with a speed camera on it. Your best bet is the interstate/freeway. You'll need a fast car for this. Pretty much any exotic or supercar with higher acceleration & top speed. An easy car to do this in is the Bugatti Veyron because it has a very high top speed and acceleration. This can be made easier if you win events and earn upgrades for your car first. Equip anything that increases acceleration & top speed, including track tires, power shot nitrous, long gears, and aero body.

Floor the gas and hit the nitrous when you get close to the camera. If you trigger it while going at least 200MPH, you'll unlock the achievement.


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