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How to fix RROD/bad flash/errors

Tutorial Name: How to fix RROD/bad flash/errors  

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You will need the following:

.Original Nand
.Disk with your jtag info of with original nand on if you dont have it on your desktop-if you dont have the disk/original nand then you need to contact the seller who you bought your jtag off.

1.Your jtag has RROD/Fro bad kv flash or generaly messed up
so heres what you do.

step 1.
get your original nand from your disk you got sent and copy it to your desktop original nand file could be called,XELLOUS,9199_.bin,flashdmp.bin-my one is called 9199_.bin so now you no what your original nand is

step 2.
You now need to copy the original nand file to your desktop it will be called 1 of the above files ending in (.bin)if its not just get your curser and place it above the file thats named 1 of the above examples then right click,copy,paste to your desktop.

step 3.Re-name your original nand file to (updflash)it should already be a .bin file so you dont need to put updflash.bin.

step 4.plug in your Usb into 1 of the usb ports in your pc and go to the usb file name example (Removable-disk (F,E what ever ok)

step 5.Copy/drag the updflash.bin file you just re-named
and paste/drop it in the route of your Usb,route means Not in a folder just on its own,if you have a file called updflash.bin already on your Usb just overwrite it or delete it.

step 6.Unplug your Usb from your pc and plug it into your jtag,(Turn the jtag on by pushing the (Eject button so it boots i n Excel) wait for it to read your Usb,to find out if its reading it,then it should say Usb devices found 1/how many you have connected. if it doesnt read it will continue as normal and read your cpu key and finish with your IP address at the bottom,that means it hasnt worked.

step 7.turn jtag of and plug in your Usb again if it didnt work again turn on by eject button-wait for it to read. if it fails again then you need to freeze the jtag.

step 8. To freeze the jtag push the eject button so it boots in Excel after pushing eject unplug your electricity cable thats plugged into the mains to power the jtag it will turn of with the tray still open,turn the jtag back on by plugging in the cable and pushing eject

step 9. It now should read your Usb and begin re building your current nand. once its complete turn jtag of by the main button on the jtag then push it again to boot up.

step 10. Congratulations you`ve just repaired your jtag yourself without sending it of for repair and having to pay money.

this tut is very helpful coz ive seen the amounr of members making topics saying my jtag has RROD/ i flashed with a kv and got christmas lights.

so there you go and thanks for reading/using my tut


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