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Halo: CE Anniversary - Dear Diary

Tutorial Name: Halo: CE Anniversary - Dear Diary  

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Halo: CE Anniversary - Dear Diary Achievement

Unlocked by reading all of the Terminals in the campaign.

Text Guides:

Pillar of Autumn:
Terminal 1 - When you first enter the bridge, this terminal is located on the left hand side of the bridge opposite Captain Keyes at an unmanned computer station

Terminal 2 - After you receive the last skull, enter the tunnels with the Warthog. Head all the way down until you need to jump a gap to continue, don't. Continue on and take a left downhill and you'll see the terminal in a dead end corridor.

Truth and Reconciliation:
Terminal 3 - Found on the Covenant Bridge, you walk through this room twice so it's hard to miss. Go up and get it the first time to avoid confusion.

The Silent Cartographer
Terminal 4 - It's at the base of the circular structure where you fight two hunters in the middle of the map.

Assault on the Control Room
Terminal 5 - At the base of the final snowy battlefield. Climb down the large pyramid, turn around at the bottom and you'll see the terminal in the hole

Guilty Spark
Terminal 6 - *MISSABLE* Located on top of the final doorway of the facility. When leaving on the last elevator, jump off at the right time to get to it. Make sure you don't ride this all the way up or you may have to restart the level.

The Library
Terminal 7 - On the third level of the library, you'll come across a large circular room with no elevator. Jump around the sides to reach it. You should be able to see it before going to get it.

Two Betrayals
Terminal 8 - This terminal is directly opposite you at the very start of the level, hard to miss.

Terminal 9 - When you reach Captain Keyes, search the lower walkways underneath him, but clear our the area first.

The Maw
Terminal 10 - Upper cryo-storage room. Climb the ladder to the platform and enter the room in front of you. Search the nearby computer panels for the terminal.


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Nice guide, dude. The terminals aren't hard to find, I found some myself then looked on YouTube for the others.