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how to mod skyrim xbox360 gamesaves.

Tutorial Name: how to mod skyrim xbox360 gamesaves.  

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This is how to mod a skyrim gamesave
USB device
your account that you want it on (online of offline acc)

all bits

moving profile to computer

1) Insert your USB into your Xbox. Go to settings > System > Storage. Configure your USB if you haven't done so already

2) go to hard drive > press A on gamerprofiles> choose the profile you want the modded gamesave on and move it to the usb

3) Remove your USB from your Xbox and insert it into your computer.

getting a gamesave

You can get a gamesave from Modio, or you can get one off the internet, google, youtube, ect

but we will be getting one from youtube.

here are two modded skyrim saves

male: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
female: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

4) once you download one of those, open horizon. if you don't have horizon, heres a link:

[ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

5) once you have horizon, open it up

6) on the right side, there should be the usb picture and under it has all the catagorys that is on the xbox.

7) if it is not open, then on the right side should be a thing saying "device explorer", click on it to open the usb

8) once opened, go down to gamerprofiles and open it up. once you see your profile, pull it out to the middle of horizon, then your profile will pop up.

9) now get the modded gamesave that you downloaded and pull it into the middle of horizon. it should pop up

10) once your profile and the gamesave are both on the screen, copy these 3 items that are from your profile to the gamesave:

profile ID
console ID
device ID

11) once you have copied those 3 things into the gamesave, click save,rehash and resign. once done, click on save to device >> flash drive. then it will come up with these items were moved to device "(whatever you name it)"

12) then close up horizon and pull out the usb and plug it into your xbox.

13) Go to settings > storage > and select your USB.
3) Now go to Gamerprofiles > "your profile" > press A on it> Move > Hard Drive.

14) then back to usb > games and apps > skyrim > "savedgame name" > move > sign into your profile that you just moved back into your Hard drive > hard dirve

there you go! start up skyrim and look for the savedgame.

if this did not help, watch my video on it.



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i cant do this because when i go to horizon and try to download it, it stops me and says " this website or whatever the hell, may try to delete your shit and shit"... hallllp


please help,i downloaded one of the game saves and it says that the application was not found


killerkahu02 it says the save was created on a later version what do i do

You're either going to have to update your skyrim to the latest version or download a new save


it says the save was created on a later version what do i do


Buttery Can you unlock achievements with using the items in this mod save

You can still unlock achievements when modding your items so yes.


Can you unlock achievements with using the items in this mod save


awesome tutorial man :D


Can you give me a link for other Skyrim mods like armor or weapon mods and how to mod it with the Nexus


This isn't how to mod your own skyrim gamesave but how to be able to play with downloaded one.
Not really necessary.