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How to mod halo reach to get everything in 1min

Tutorial Name: How to mod halo reach to get everything in 1min  

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Warning: This is for offline profiles only. Do not do this for your Xbox Live profile.
I would recommend creating a brand new offline profile for this.
One main reason is that it will erase any campaign progress and achievements as well, so DO NOT do this on your ONLINE PROFILE.

This is a tutorial on how to Mod your Halo Reach GPD file to get:
Max Rank: "Inheritor"
2,137,504,256 credits
Everything unlocked and purchased except Way-Point unlockable armor.

First off download all these things

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1. Make a offline profile and play halo reach on it, Save it to your usb.

2. Plug the usb into your computer and Run xtaf, Find your profile (If you are unsure witch profile is yours Drag it into modio) And put it onto your desktop,

3.Open Le fluffie- Click Open a file- Find your profile and open it.

4. When your profile load's click contents and Find 4D53085B It should be above PEC

5. Right click it and Click Replace- Find the reach GPD and open it- Click the File named "4D53085B.gpd"

6. Go over to the Security tab and hit Fix- You can now close Le fluffie.

7. Drag the profile from your desktop into modio.

6. Press Rehash and resign- I do it twice to be safe

7. Go into Xtaf and go back to were your profile is- Delete the profile and press inject.

8. Load the profile from the desktop and your good to go.

(On a side note) 9. Some times you can only sign into the account if you sign in from the Start button from the xbox controller

This is my guide on how to Mod reach in 1min.

If you have any problems or questions feel free to send me a message or Leave a message on this form.




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lol all the links are dead, update this please?


half the links are dead please update


Hey i'm brand new to the tech game if someone could set me up with it already done i'd appreciate it


irJebus Download isnt there anymore.

It's not there anymore because SOPA closed down megaupload ;/


i had to move my profile after i deleted my old one and coped the modded one to xbox360. it works!


xtaf doesnt respond


le fluffie keeps freezing, i am doing this because i lost my account and i had haunted. help me
or just mail me a account on a flash drive all ready set up


Download isnt there anymore.


Worked For Me I am now max rank on my offline account


GPD Link Isn't Working For Me :S