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(Text Tutorial) How to Flash all Xbox 360 Slim drives

Tutorial Name: (Text Tutorial) How to Flash all Xbox 360 Slim drives  

Category: Xbox 360 Miscellaneous

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No video tutorial is created at the moment so I'll just leave you with the written tutorial...

Updated to newest dashboard standard.
This will allow you to run XGD3 backups and Originals.

This tutorial works with both the 0272(9504), 0225, 0401, and the 1071.
The firmware has been released. You will need to figure out if you have an MXIC or a WINBOND, to check if you can actually flash it or not. To check this, take out the disc drive out and turn it over. In the middle there is a chip with tiny writing on it. When you look at it it will say MEDIATEK. Look at the writing all the way to the bottom. It will either start with 03 or 05.

JungleFlasher 1.88 [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
Newest slim FW. [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
An MXIC chip on the disc drive.
A compatable SATA chipset.
Soldering the Sputnik360 Switch

Prepare > Soldering
1. Open your xbox 360 Slim.
2. Open the disc drive and flip it over.
3. Unscrew the screw holding the board in place.
4. Push the black hinge back and lift the board high enough to be able to solder the Sputnik switch.
5. Solder that bad boy on.

I am not very good at describing this part so refer to the link to a better guide on installing the switch. Skip the part mentioning the desoldering the PCB. [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

How to flash the new firmware
1. Put the newest firmware in the Firmware folder.
2. Connect the drive to the computer using the SATA and the Ck3.
3. Open up JungleFlasher 1.88 and go to the MTK Flash 32 Tab.
4. Make sure you find your drive on the left. When you find it, select the intro/device ID button. It will tell you that your drive is locked. Click yes, and flip the switch to unlock. Once you hear a beep, switch it back to normal.
5. Click read and you will be prompted with a box. If your drive is an 0272, click no, any other, yes.
6. It will ask you to resend the command. Click yes, then switch the drive off then on within 1 second.
7. SAVE YOUR FIRMWARE!!!! Do NOT lose this.
8. It will ask you if you want to autoload extreme. Click yes.
9. Go back to the MTK Flash 32 tab. Click intro again. It might ask you to power cycle again, it might not. If yes, DO IT!!!! The drive should be in Vendor mode.
10. Click the Write button. It should all go smooth from there.
11. Re-lock the drive. Get it back into vendor mode again. Click intro, power cycle if asked. When it says its in Vendor mode, Press CTRL + SHIFT and press F11. To check if its locked, click intro again and it should tell you its locked.
12. Test it out!!!!!

To patch games with all the newest checks, use ABGx360.
First, In ABGx, select the game iso from the folder.
Second, Make sure the autocorrect is set to level 3.
Third, Let it run its course.
Fourth, Burn using IMGBurn. (For Mac its ISOx360)

There you have it!!! You can now play your XGD3 backups online!!

I do not condone piracy, nor do i take any responsibility if you damage or destroy your xbox. Perform any of these tasks at your own risks, and enjoy running backups online.


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nice tutorial is a very clean tutorial and put together well


Very nice, well put together tutorial.


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Camferret Sorry for the n00by question but what is a
MXIC chip on the disc drive.
and a
A compatable SATA chipset?
Please reply

If you don't know what any of that is do not do it.


Good, this worked for my slim!


Sorry for the n00by question but what is a
MXIC chip on the disc drive.
and a
A compatable SATA chipset?
Please reply


good post man xD


Do you know anyone around the mountain home Arkansas area to help me do this cus I'm stupid and I could pay them!!! Please help