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Turok 2 Seeds of Evil - Beware... Oblivion is at hand

Tutorial Name: Turok 2 Seeds of Evil - Beware... Oblivion is at hand  

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Discover the first Oblivion chamber in a single player game.

On each level there are two warp portals, the second one of these on the first level is a "fake" warp portal that will lead you to an oblivion chamber. Once you get to an area with a trench that leads to the exit portal, if you climb out of the trench you will find two houses that are linked together across all three stories. Once you have cleared these houses make sure to hit both switches in the ground floor areas. Turn around and you will see a door and tunnel have opened up on the opposite side to the trench. Follow this to the warp portal. Once you reach the warp portal, if you look over the side of the ledge you will see a walkway you can drop down to with the activation switch on it. Push this then climb back up and enter the portal.

Achievement is worth 25 Gamerscore.


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