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FIFA 22 | Design and Conquer Achievement Guide

Tutorial Name: FIFA 22 | Design and Conquer Achievement Guide  

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Design and Conquer Achievement Guide

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This achievement is not as it seems, the description is actually incorrect.
In order to get this achievement, one must:

1) Complete all Stadium Development Milestones on Ultimate Team.
2) Apply all stadium accessories and extras unlocked through the Stadium Development milestones.
3) Then play a game in Division 4 or higher on Division Rivals (Ultimate Team).

Once reaching Division 4, this is relatively easy to do. The biggest challenges are in the third (and final) tier of the milestone. Specifically the challenges that require the player to assist with a backheel and to score a goal with a bicycle kick on Division Rivals or on Squad Battles (with a minimum difficulty of World Class.)

The simplest way to do this is to play a team rated 60-75 in Squad Battles on World Class.
To make a backheeled assist, just hold LT and A or Y when a player is moving into space for a shot.
To score a goal with a bicycle kick, continuously cross into the box and if the ball is coming towards the player, or behind him, hold LT and press B. This is easiest to do with a player that has the "Flair" attribute.


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Stupid achievement. Why are the achievements on FIFA games the same every year and so shit?