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Turok 2 Seeds of Evil - Keymaster

Tutorial Name: Turok 2 Seeds of Evil - Keymaster  

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Collect all 6 Primagen keys in a single player game.

Each level has one Primagen key that must be collected to be able to access the final boss fight and complete the game. Most of the time these will be inaccessible until you have collected a talisman from a later level.

Port of Adia:
Requires the Leap of Faith Talisman from level 2

River of Souls:
Requires Breath of Life Talisman from level 3

Death Marshes:
Requires the Breath of Life Talisman obtained from this level

Lair of the Blind Ones:
Requires the Whispers Talisman from level 5

Hive of the Mantids:
Requires Eye of Truth from Level 6

Primagens Lightship:
This Key is slightly different. To access it you must disable the force field by pressing four switches, one in each area of the ship. The one in the second area can only be obtained after you have the eye of truth talisman so you will have to backtrack to it once you have obtained this.

Achievement is worth 75 Gamerscore.


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