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A Hat in Time: The Perfect Parade

Tutorial Name: A Hat in Time: The Perfect Parade  

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Complete The Big Parade without falling into the audience below!

This one is a little tricky since as the level progresses things can get hairy, and it doesn't help that you have a band behind you ready to plow you down if you stop for even a second. Here is the best way to approach the level.

When you start, just walk around the center building you started on. Just make sure you don't stop for too long. Once you are tasked to turn on the pyrotechnics, safely make your way to the switches. Once those are turned on, slowly walk in a circle on a house or a small building. A lot of buildings will now periodically have fireworks going off on them, so it's best to stay on a building that doesn't. Once the DJ asks you to switch on the rockets, get moving, as one is already targeting you. After you turn them on, find a house and walk around it as fast as you can without sprinting, as you will have numerous rockets chasing you now. As time runs out, get onto the center building to ensure you make it there safely.

NOTE: You can die in the same session that you attempt this achievement, so long as you do not touch the ground below.


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