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Code Vein - Deep Trailblazer

Tutorial Name: Code Vein - Deep Trailblazer  

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Explore every part of the depths.

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Depths are special areas that can be entered by first giving the maps to Davis, located at Home Base, and then choose the option to head to the Depths. This guide will provide you an insight on how to get all the maps! I recommend playing through the game first before following this guide, it will be easier to teleport.

Depths: Den of Darkness
This should be the first depth map you find. It is located at the region near the Outer Crossroads Mistle. Talk to Shang, he will give you the map.

Depths: Den of Dead
Also found after defeating your first boss. It will be located in the hallway when you go past Shang.

Depths: Town of Sacrifice
This map is found at Dried-up Trenches. For the people that already activated all mistles, teleport to Decayed Ship Interior. Go up the stairs and you will find a dead white knight. The map should be on his body. If you haven't unlocked that mistle yet do not worry, the ship is not missable. If you go around the ship you should find an enemy looking outwards, kill him and there should be a way to jump down. You will find your way to the mistle.

Depths: Swirling Flood
I believe you will unlock this map once you have completed a chain quest from Shang. First he will give you the Den of Darkness. You will need to find an item at the Depths that was given to you. You don't need to complete the Den, simply retrieve the item and return to Shang. Make sure to teleport away and back to see if you can continue his quest or not. You'll know if the second request has been given, as you will be fighting a Trial. After finishing all the waves he will give you a map to the Swirling Flood, asking you to retrieve another item. Again, you don't need to finish the map, simply retrieve it and return to him. After that he should give you the map to Silent White. Conditions are explained for that map below. Make sure to clear out and defeat the bosses of the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood. Otherwise the quest will not trigger.

Depths: Flood of Impurity
When you activate the statue, near the Park Ruins, follow the cave until you reach a ladder. Once you go up make sure to turn around and the map should be there.

Depths: Cliffs of Rust
First NPC quest related item. You will receive this one from the Self-Important Revenant at Dried-up Trenches. Make sure to finish his first quest. He's located at the Parking Garage and will ask you to kill a Lost. It will be marked on your map. Teleport to Park Ruins to get there faster. Kill it and return to him to finish his first quest. He will move to Dried-up Trenches. There he will ask you to retrieve an item, along with the map for this depth. The Self-Important Revenant appears in the Dried-up Trenches at the Decayed Ship Interior Mistle after you complete The Ridge of Frozen Souls.

Depths: Silent White
You will receive this from Shang after finishing Depths: Swirling Flood. I believe you should unlock the map Ridge of Frozen Souls first for him to give you the map.

Depths: Arachnid Grotto
I recommend finishing the story first as I don't exactly know when these npcs spawn. At some point you will find an npc named Gustav at the Dried-up Trenches Entrance. He will ask you to retrieve multiple items throughout all your areas, not just Trenches. I will list the location of these items, to spare you teleporting blindly to random areas hoping to find a marker like I did:
- Ruined City Center, Parking Garage.
- Cathedral of the Sacred Blood, Outlook Tower.
- Ridge of Frozen Souls, Observatory Site.
Meet him later on at Ashen Caverns, Accumulator Ruins to get the map.

Depths: Misty Ruins
This map is found at the Crypt Spire. Just go towards the end of the level. At some point you will find a locked door with a lever next to it and a pathway to the right. Going to the right will lead you to this map.

Depths: Rocky Ruins
This map can be very tricky, buggy etc. I recommend finishing the Self-Important Revenant's questline first. I already explained the first 2 quests above. His last location will be at the Poisonous Butterfly Nest. Talk to him and he will tell you that he\'s looking for a location to make a new shelter, but he needs activated Mistle. This item can be found at the Player's Memory area at the start where all the npcs are located. You can access your memory after defeating Argent Wolf Berserker. You can't miss this. Go back to the quest giver and make sure to press talk multiple times (just to be sure or atleast until he keeps repeating himself). Next do the quest for Richard, he will be located at three different areas:
- Howling Pits, Halls of Deception.
- Ridge of Frozen Souls, Entrance. Before fighting the group of enemies there's a hole where you can jump down.
- Ruined City Underground, Natural Cavern Depths.
After finishing his quest at the last location make sure to talk to him until he gives you the map. Should it not work head back to Self-Important Revenant to see if he has to say anything else and then teleport back to Richard's location. Sometimes you need to teleport back and forth. I hope this helps. NOTE: for all the npcs to appear you will most likely have to kill all yhe bosses in the area.

Depths: Zero District
This map is unlocked after defeating the Queen Revenants Reborn boss located near the end of Provisional Government Outskirts. Simply head towards the new area, you will not miss this item.

Depths: Void District
This map is found at Provisional Government Center, in a room full of boxes and capsules, find a ladder going up. An enemy will drop down. You can jump attack to get an advantage. After killing him go back up and there should be an item on the ground that gives you the map. Note: you don't have to kill the enemy but I suggest you do this first.

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