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Resident Evil 2 - Complete Vermin Extermination

Tutorial Name: Resident Evil 2 - Complete Vermin Extermination  

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Destroy all Mr. Raccoons.

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Claire and Leon A campain:
Police station, 1F, office (west side), on a cabinet behind a carton.
Police station, 2F, S.T.A.R.S. office, on a desk between boxes and a monitor.
Police station, UG, in the back corner of the shooting range.
Police station, 1F, break room, between a bag and a bunk bed.
Police station, 2F, northeast corridor, on a table in front of the stairway.
Police station, 3F, west corridor to the clock tower, on a window sill.
Sewer, bottom channel, in front of the storage room, behind cardboard boxes.
Laboratory, cafeteria, on a table near the ladder.
Laboratory, bedroom, in a sleeping cabin.

Claire's A campaign:
Police station, 3F, in the room, whose door can be opened south in the storage room east with the heart key. The figure is then on a shelf on a foil-wrapped box stack.
Behind the R.P.D., in a bus, in front at the driver's seat.
Orphanage, 1F, child flu, in a small shelf.

Leons A campaign:
Channel entrance, in the southeastern corner behind a small pile of garbage.
Sewer, in the western part of the incinerator, if you play Ada.

Claire and Leon B campaign:
Police station, in the starting area in the bushes in front of the police station.

Achievement is worth 30 Gamerscore.


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