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XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Ain't No Cavalry Comin'

Tutorial Name: XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Ain't No Cavalry Comin'  

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Worth: 50G

Description: Have a soldier survive every mission in a full game.

How to Earn: This one is going to require that you coddle one of your soldiers through an entire playthrough of the game from tutorial to end credits and make sure that he/she does not miss a single combat mission that you go on. Here are some tips to make this as easy as possible.

1) First of all, you should typically only have one soldier survive the tutorial (this will be the soldier that you must base your attempt around). Make sure to name this soldier after yourself so that you do not forget who it is.

Edit: Credit to Metal Threshkeen for observing that a second playthrough does not require you to complete the tutorial, allowing for more than one soldier to make it through the initial battle. This increases your odds by having more than one soldier to use.

Just make sure that at least one of these soldiers does not miss a single battle. Possibly adding an asterisk (*) to the last name of this soldier or soldiers will help denote which one(s) can be used to acquire the achievement. Remove the asterisk if one soldier skips a mission due to injury. I found it easier to still only focus on one soldier (Sniper or Support) so that I am not trying to keep 2 or more soldiers out of the fray of battle. You'll need every other free soldier to finish the missions and keep your main soldier out of hot water.

2) SAVE SAVE SAVE: When going on missions...ALWAYS save your game before making any moves from the start of the combat screen. This way, if things go south, you can restart. For some harder missions, it is good to sometimes have multiple saves as the mission progresses as long as you are doing well and always save at the very beginning of your turn. This way, if something crazy happens during the alien turn as a result of your troop movements, you can reload from the beginning of that turn and move differently to avoid danger to your main solider. Obviously...do not allow your soldier to die but almost as importantly, try not to allow them to get shot or injured, since this causes them to have to recover which would make them ineligible to go on a mission if one should present itself while this soldier is recouping.

3) As early as possible, try to get this soldier equipped with some quality armor and a medikit. If they become a support class, this is even better as you can later upgrade to get 3 uses out of one medikit. If they do not become a support class, try to always keep one or two support soldiers on your team to heal your main soldier if they should be injured. If your soldier does become injured resulting in a loss of health bars, try to heal them back to full strength before the mission ends to avoid them needing recovery time. The key is that as long as the health lost is from the additional health bars provided by the armor, they should not have to deal with recovery time. However, if they get shot without armor or sustain injuries that bring the health down under 7-8 bars of health, you'll be looking at recovery time. So don't get shot without armor and don't let your health dip below 8 bars if you can help it. Once you unlock the training academy perk that allows recovery time to be cut in halfway, you get a little more leeway.

4) If you tend to the overly cautious approach, you could just choose not to move your egocentric soldier much further past the starting zone, have them hunker down behind cover for each turn or put them in overwatch. Just keep in mind that they do need to get some kills in order to get promoted which unlocks better traits, important for keeping them and your squad alive in the later missions.

5) Also, don't be afraid to do this playthrough on the easiest difficulty setting. Since you are going to have to do 5 playthroughs to get the "A Continental Fellow" achievement anyway, you might as well make things as easy on yourself as possible as the easy playthrough will make the missions go quicker due to aliens missing more of their shots and your squad cutting through their ranks like hot knives through butter much more quickly.

*Edit* - Additionally, as mentioned by Quantum Binman in the comments section, if all else fails you can skip missions if your coddled soldier is recovering from battle wounds. This will not affect your ability to get the achievement. In fact, this is what you absolutely must do if a mission pops up that your soldier can't go on due to injury. I did have one mission that I had to skip while my self-named soldier was still in Psionic Testing (another reason to skip a mission).

Above all, enjoy! This game is fun and the different strategy will just add a new element to another playthrough of the game. If you have any strategies you think would be helpful, feel free to let me know and I will try to update what is here.


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