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AC/DC Live: Rock Band - Let There Be DRUMS!

Tutorial Name: AC/DC Live: Rock Band - Let There Be DRUMS!  

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Worth: 25G

Description: Score 100% notes hit as a drummer on Expert.

How to Earn: Well, there are two ways to go about getting this achievement:

1) Practice, practice, practice. Eventually, you will be able to work your way up to getting an FC on an Expert drum song.

And, the way that most non-hardcore drummers take:

2) PLAY MONEYTALKS. Never use your overdrive no matter how much you accumulate. The overdrive fill lanes will cover up what little hard stuff there is in the song, and you will hit the rest pretty easily. This is actually an easier achievement than Rock Band Track Pack 2, but will be more stressful due to how few notes there are spread out through the entire song.

Also, keep in mind, no matter which way you choose to do this achievement, if your drums screw up and register an extra hit or you accidentally overhit on a drum, as long as no notes go past the bar on the bottom of the highway, it'll still count as 100%.


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