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0 Day Attack on Earth - Valiant Warrior

Tutorial Name: 0 Day Attack on Earth - Valiant Warrior  

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Description: Kill 100 targets in CO-OP Mode

How to Earn: This will require you to be on co-op mode, but take note that it requires you to be online. And you will need to kill 100 orange targeted enemies (the other ones do not count towards this achievement). But getting this is very hard, let alone a very few people who are attempting to getting a full 200G or less each year!

If you're going for this achievement (along with Like taking candy from a baby), you might want to find a person who hasn't got this yet (either here or 360A); if found a boosting partner, take turns and share the kills. However, if you can't find someone, let me know by PM here or XBL.

Update: If you happened to scored some orange targeted kills but you have been disconnected due to lag, your stats will be saved. The leaderboards are rather bugged, making it hard to tell what's the actual kills you have. In other words, just keep playing until the achievement pops.

Worth: 20G


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