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Importing Rock Band 3 Custom Songs

Tutorial Name: Importing Rock Band 3 Custom Songs  

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Hello TheTechGame,

Today I will be showing you how to load custom rb3con files into your (RETAIL) or (JTAG/RGH) console.

(Modified Consoles are NOT required for this tutorial.)

First, let me note that Rock Band 3 can import both Rock Band and Rock Band 2 songs by default.
Meaning, if you have purchased content from either previous game they will be available to play on Rock Band 3.

STEP 1: Download the song you would like, I use this website to go through songs I would like to play. [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

STEP 2: Make sure your profile is copied on a flashdrive or external hardrive, whichever you perfer.

STEP 3: Check your title updates for the game and insure that you have ONLY Title Update #4 for Rock Band 3. If you do not have Title Update #4 and you have Title Update #5, you will delete Title Update #5 and download the update from this link. [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

STEP 4: You will now need to install Horizon, it is a tool that many people use to modify content via USB on their computer for their Xbox 360. It opens the drive you've put in your computer to recongize Xbox 360 Content you've saved, the link is here. [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

NOTE: This program will show as a virus on your computer, don't be alarmed. This is purely because it is used as an injection tool and is shown as a virus by many low grade anti viruses. I will provide the scan. If you don't trust the links I'm providing feel free to download it from wemod and it will show the same detection rate I give my 100% garuntee.
[ Register or Signin to view external links. ] Virus Total Scan

STEP 5: Now that you have Horizon installed and your USB/External with your profile located on it. You will now begin injecting the Title #4 Update if you don't already have it. You simply locate your profile through their file explorer provided in Horizon and right click and hit inject. You will inject the file (tu00000001_00000000) to your profile. That file is located in the rar that I provided in folders.

STEP 6: Now that you have injected the Title #4 Update to your profile, you will begin injecting your custom songs you'd like to play that you have downloaded from the database or elsewhere. You will do the same thing for this and inject it to your profile. (Make sure you check the songs to see if they have been charted to play your instrument before injecting the song. C3 Customs will show this if you click on their song links.)

STEP 7: You're pretty much done from here, you will now safely remove your device from your computer by ejecting it. You will then plug it into your Xbox 360 and sign into your profile. (Make sure Xbox Live is signed out and your network is disconnected so it doesn't download a new title update!) You will then move your profile and Rock Band 3 content to your main Hardrive for your console.

STEP 8: Play the game!, you should be good from here and smooth sailing. If you have any questions or problems feel free to PM or Comment on this tutorial and I will try to assist you as fast as I can.

Have a good day TheTechGame and all the modders out there,

~ 0day.


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After transferring songs can you connect back to Xbox Live?


Thanks for the upload. Ive been playing RB4 on and off and this should be nice to come back to


This is great mate, thanks so much, im looking to start playing this game again soon, so I will defiantly be using your tutorial, and ill hit you up if I need any help which I probably will need lol.

Great Tut bro.


If anybody needs assistance with this tutorial please feel free to leave a comment. I can troubleshoot problems with the content as well if you'd like. You can add some Rock Band 2 songs if you insure that they are made for Rock Band 2. All content from older Rock Bands are added to Rock Band 3 by default.