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The Simpsons Hit And Run - Level 11 Walkthrough

Tutorial Name: The Simpsons Hit And Run - Level 11 Walkthrough  

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Having trouble beating the mission "Bart n' Frink" (Level 11)? Well here's a full guide to help you beat the mission!

The objective of this mission is to steal the WW2 Radio from Herman's Military Antiques. To get to there you have to follow a black van. However, you cannot get too far away from the van otherwise you will fail the mission! This can be tricky as the van can drive erratically

The best method to keeping up with the van is to cut across grassy plains & corners. This will help you to keep up with it! The van will take the same route as shown in the video below, This can help you judge where the van is going to turn next. Which can be very helpful.

Now you are asked to find the thief, who is infact Snake. You do not actually have to look across the city, simply following the arrows on the ground will lead you to the 'thief'

Now you have to races Snake for the radio. The best method to beating him is to avoid him from ramming your vehicle. Snake is fairly easy to beat as it is!

Following all these tips will ensure you to beat the mission. Below is a video showing these


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Awesome walkthrough maj, very helpful.


Great walk through bro! Not bad