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The Simpsons Hit And Run - Bonus Mission Walkthrough 1

Tutorial Name: The Simpsons Hit And Run - Bonus Mission Walkthrough 1  

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Struggling to beat the Bonus mission in The Simpsons Hit And Run? This will cover how to beat the bonus mission "The Old Shanty"

Firstly, you are assigned the task of collecting all 5 Cardboard tubes, you are given 3 Minutes for the whole task, Which usually tricks people into taking their time. Only then to find out that there are other tasks to be done! Don't let it trick you!

This part of the mission is very easy to complete, as the locations of the tubes are down the same road. Firstly, drive straight down the road and collect the first tube. Now, follow the road down to the second, this can be repeated for all the tubes! This is the easiest part of the mission and should be done as quick as possible, to save time later on

Once you have collected all of the Cardboard tubes you are told to drive to the Tomacco field. This is very close to the position you started the game in! It's very straightforward to get to, as you simply follow the road until you reach the Tomacco Fields.

Throughout this mission there is only a few shortcuts, However these are very useful and can save lots of time! The shortcuts are the following:

The Graveyard, Drive through the main entrance
The dirt-path, using this will save a lot of time!
The barnyard, as you apprcoach closer to the fields cut through the Barnyard

When collecting the Tomacco plants use a strategic method to collect the plants. Otherwise it may waste time, Usually the best method is to go around the outside of the field (in a square) and then collect them row by row.

Once you have collected the crops, you need to drive back to Cletus's house, which is not very far! You can use a semi-shortcut which is located next to the barnyard. Its a plot of grass and helps to save some time! You can then use the dirt path to make a quick dash to Cletus's house!

All of the above tips are shown in action in the video below!


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Great tutorial Maj, if I didn't already beat this game numerous times I would be following along. xD