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Blazing Angels Achievements

Tutorial Name: Blazing Angels Achievements  

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The Ace of Aces-175G
You are the best pilot! You have achieved the highest score in all campaign missions to prove it!
To do this will need to get "Ace" ranking on all mission, and there are 18 missions in total. You can check which missions you've aced by going in your stats and selecting "Medals". For each level you have a medal in you will have gotten an "Ace" ranking as well.

Getting an Ace rank in each mission requires you to meet certain requirements for each mission, which can be divided into four categories. Time taken to finish the mission, pilots killed, ground units destroyed, and naval units destroyed. Time is always a factor, though most missions will not always have all three enemy types. For each enemy type available, there will be a certain amount you need to kill in order to achieve the Ace ranking requirement in that category. If you do extremely well in one category, you will have some leeway if you don't do as well in the other categories.

Using cheats, getting a majority of the missions finished with an Ace rank isn't too hard, but you will still struggle on a mission or two. The only thing you can do is PRACTICE! If you take the time to learn how each level plays out, and where all of the enemies will be coming from, it'll make things a lot easier on you. Also remember, that if you find yourself struggling in one area, do your best to excel in another. For example, if you always beat a mission a minute above par time, take an extra minute or two to take down as many enemies as you can, or vice versa. This can turn a bad run into an Ace rank, and should always be kept in mind.

*Note: This achievement will be gotten at the same time as "Hero"

Survivor means "the one who outlives another". You have outlived your enemies in Arcade Mode.
This achievement takes a while. You must beat "Arcade" mode with all 32 fighter planes. For each plane you must take down 36 planes in total in approx. 6 minutes. In total this is 1152 planes.
*You need all fighter planes to unlock this one. *For help with getting all planes see "Collector"

Ace Killer-150G
You have been recognized as The Ace Killer! All the other Aces have accepted defeat.
This one is similar to "Survivor." You must complete the "Ace Duel" mode with all 32 fighter planes. This one isn't as hard or time consuming, as you only have to fight one plan identical to your own.
*You need all fighter planes to unlock this one. *For help with getting all planes see "Collector"

You are one of the pilots who outlived the WWII and had the chance to tell the others about it.
This will probably be the first achievement you will recieve. To unlock it simply complete all 18 missions of the "Campaign' mode. You may get any ranking you wish to earn this achievement.

Few pilots in history achieved combat excellence and earned all medals. You are one of them!
Basically for this achievement you need to earn an "Ace" rank for each Campaign mission which will give you the medal. See "Ace of Aces"
*This achievement will be unlocked the same time "Ace of Aces"

With valor comes recognition. Your rank in the Air Force tells your full measure.
This achievement is earned in campaign mode, in which you need to earn the rank of Colonel. Colonel comes after Leuitenant Colonel which is after Flight Officer. You should earn this rank when you're are halfway done beating the game for the second time. It's said that this achievement is dependant on your kills and that you need roughly 700 plane kills, 700 Turrets/bunker/AA guns and 100 naval units. These stats will also vary between players, as the game also factors in the time it takes you to finish each mission as well. Depending on how quick you are in the game, you can possibly get away with less than the kills specified, or well over.

You have unlocked and collected all the planes and you became a real WWII Collector.
This achievement is unlocked when you have earned all 42 planes, and you start off with the first plan right away. You can earn two planes per mission, but you need at least a 3 out of 5 rating in order to get both. This will give you 38 planes. The 4 remaining planes(2 fighters, 2 bombers) can be earned through the mini-campaign which is unlokced upon beating the normal campiagn. There are six missions in each mini-campagn and a total of 2 mini-campaigns. For the 2 remaining bombers finish the bombing campaign and for the fighters do the dogfight campaign. You can check how many palnes you currently have by going to "stats" then going into your hangar. There it will show all your planes and all the missing ones will appear as shadows.


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Yeah like the others said this is a really detailed tutorial so thanks for posting this.


Very nice tutorial, well layed out and detailed.


I like your tutorials man, They honestly always have a lot of details.
Keep it up!