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How to burn XGD3 with iXtreme Burner Max

Tutorial Name: How to burn XGD3 with iXtreme Burner Max  

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This tutorial will explain how to burn xbox 360 XGD3 games using a Lite-on iHas with iXtreme Burner MAX.

1. Things You Need:

1.1. A compatible Lite-On iHas burner with iXtreme Burner Max firmware flashed (see this tutorial How to iXtreme Burner Max)
1.2. A Verbatim DVD DL +R MKM-0001 or MKM-003
1.3. IMGBurn 2.5.6 or later
1.4. A xbox 360 game image (.dvd + .iso)

2. Burning the game
For this tutorial i will be burning MW3 with a Lite-on ihas124B with a MKM003

This is the c4eva's method

Remember the Max iXtreme Burner will only successfully write at a Maximum speed of 4x on MKM003 (with OPC) and 2.4x on MKM001 (without OPC) DVD+R DL

1- Put your blank Verbatim DVD DL +R on your burner and see which version it is on right side (MKM-00X X is the number)

2- In my case it's a MKM-003 which means I can burn at 4x

3- (Skip this step if you have a MKM-001)
Go to Tools - Settings - Write tab - Ensure you select perform OPC before write in the settings page as shown below if you intend to use 4x.

Press ok

4- Now open your game image (open the .dvd file)

5- Select 4x speed (if you have OPC on - MKM003 only)

6- Ensure Verify image is ticked and start burning


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