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How to Mod MW3 Spec Ops/Survival Mode Rank

Tutorial Name: How to Mod MW3 Spec Ops/Survival Mode Rank  

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Things you need:

MP (Multiplayer) Data (You can find it on Your Xbox)
USB (Flash Drive)
Horizon (you can download at [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] )
Modded MP Data (download it here: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] )

1. Go to Xbox > Memory > Hard Drive > Games > Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and move the MP Data onto your USB (Flash Drive).

2. Plug in your USB into your computer.

3. Open up Horizon.

4. Find your Multiplayer Progress (should say "Multiplayer progress for 'insert your gamertag here' "
5. Open that up, then click on the tab that says "Contents".

6. There should be something that pops up in the box (starts with spdata....), right click on it and click "Extract".

7. Press Save (save it to your desktop).

8. Make sure the Modded MP Data is on your desktop along with your MP data. Your MP data will have a bunch of numbers in the name, the other one won't.

9. Copy everything after the underscore ( _ ) in your MP Data in the name (to copy it right click on it and click Rename).

10. Right click on the Modded MP Data and click Rename and paste in what you copied after the underscore ( _ ).

11. To make sure you don't confuse them, move you MP Data away from the Modded MP Data.

12. Go back to Horizon and the box with the thing you extracted, and right click on it and hit "Replace".

13. Find the Modded MP Data (not yours) and hit Open.

14. It will give you a message saying "File Replaced Successfully!".

15. Click on the "Save Rehash and Resign" Tab 2 to the left of the tab you are on.

16. Close out of Horizon and safely eject your USB (flash drive).

17. Plug the USB (flash drive) back into your Xbox and move it back onto your hard drive.

18. You're done!

*You will NOT get banned for this! This will change your Spec Ops/Survival Mode rank to level 50!


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Can someone upload the modded file again the link is no longer active?


It works thanks a lot now the juggernauts run away from me!


It wont let me name the modded spdata the same as the non-modded one. how do you do this?


I'm about to try this I hope it works :)


Thanks 10/10


thanks man it worked perfectly


It said mine was old and I needed to reset my unlocks and level to continue and it deranked me back to level 1 -_-


thanks a lot it work


mine only comes up in the contents as MP Data not SP data can you help me asap :)


Can u make a save where we can have all the lvels at a really high place too?