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How to Mod Mw3 Splitscreen!

Tutorial Name: How to Mod Mw3 Splitscreen!  

Category: Xbox 360 Tutorials

Submitted By: Lifting

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Made by "Experiment5X" (One of the Developers of the Tool)

Note: This is for Offline use only!


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Thanks to "Hetelek", "Sh042067", "iTzAdam5X", And "Experiment5X" Over at XboxMB for the tool! I take no part in helping create or publish this tool! I simply released it to the public.

Download (V2.1): [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

Executable (V2.1): [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

(Update V2.1: Added support for strike package, Added support for redicle sight, Minor UI changes, Minor bugs fixed)

(Update V1.4: Fixed the 17 & 18 item ID bug)

(Update V1.1: Bugs Fixed, New Camo, Merged Assembly, Framework Downgraded to 3.5)

Getting Errors:

Make sure your extracting the mpdata file in the con mpdata file with Horizon.

Also make sure, You have something selected for the Weapons boxes, They need to add the value 0 as None. Which they are working on now!

Make sure you have done all of this correctly:
Follow These steps Below

    1.Get a MPDATA Save
    2.Open Your Save In Horizon
    3.click Content tab then right click mpdata file in there
    4. click extract then save it to somewhere
    5. now open the mpdata you just extracted in the program
    6.now once modded save then go back to horizon
    7. now back to the content tab then replace the file in there with the modded one
    8. now rehash and resign then DONE!

just to help people, to stop them from getting the ERROR code

[size=8]Credit to Extravagant[/size]


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Okay, to all the people who cant figure out how to get your mpdata into the editor to edit.... what you gotta do is play at least one game in split screen so it gives u mpdata on ur HDD, the u put ur mpdata on a usb, then u must have modio and usbxtaf OR just Horizon.. and obviously the Mpdata Editor. Now that you have the programs to do it (Ill be explaining Horizon, modio is a little different) open the side tab on the right in Horizon thats your usb.. go to games, then MW3, Then your mpdata that u put on there. when you click the mpdata it will pop a little box up in horizon (DONT MESS WITH ANY NUMBERS AT ANY TIME UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING) now go to contents and it should be the only thing there (mpdata_e00007f3aef42e44) u must right click on it and Extract to desktop or a folder u use for mods or whatever just dont lose it... now if you Downloaded the Data Editor already just go to file, open, and find your mpdata and open it. try and make your stats seem a little legit. AND if you want colored classes just go to where it says Name Class and put any of the following before whatever your naming it, ^1, ^2, ^3, ^4, ^5, ^6, ^0. the numbers are different colors. reverse the steps to put it back on your xbox. DONT FORGET TO REPLACE THE OLD MPDATA WITH THE MODDED ONE... ENJOY!


burntt0ad I don't unterstand this. Where is this CON thing at in Horizion?

CON is content.
Mhm.. well i opened it like i always do. The editor gives me an error still.


burntt0ad I don't unterstand this. Where is this CON thing at in Horizion?

CON is content.


burntt0ad I don't unterstand this. Where is this CON thing at in Horizion?
You need to open a tool called Package manager.


I don't unterstand this. Where is this CON thing at in Horizion?