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Fifa 12 Virtual Pro 100% TUT

Tutorial Name: Fifa 12 Virtual Pro 100% TUT  

Category: Xbox 360 Game Modding Tutorials

Submitted By: Sentox

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Modded Settings:
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Written Tutorial:

1)Move personal settings 1 from xbox 360 to USB
2)Put USB into computer and open modio
3)Keep clicking untill you find Settings 2060123123 or something like that
4)Extract that to your desktop
5)Extract the hacked fifa settings to your desktop aswell (downloaded one)
Drag them both into modio
6)Copy the profile id and system id from your settings to the modded settings
7)Close your settings and click "rehash and resign" on the modded ones
8)Open modio again and delete the settings already on there and drag your settings into the same place
9)Safetly remove hardware and then wait 30 seconds until you remove your USB from your computer


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Not a Chance


"Fifa 12 Virtual Pro 100% TUT" :: Login/Create an Account :: 8 comments

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Ce mod c'est de la merde il fait juste plant la sauvegarde donc moi je ne vous le conseil pas du tout c'est de la MERDE !!!! or shit in English ^^

Not download this mod !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


good stuff bro excellent work =]


Sorry My Mistake It Is 91% My Bad Really Sorry But My Other TUT IS 99%


Also my version of Modio doesn't allow the drag & drop (I always used Xport 360 for that!!)


Doesn't even work for me, the Xbox can't locate the save on the USB stick unless I rename the file to match my old save. But if I rename the file then it says it's corrupt and can't be used!!!

What am I doing wrong? I have the new style xbox so I can't use a data cable :-
I've downloaded the save, copied my IDs on modio, rehashed and resigned, inserted the file back to the USB drive and copied back to the Xbox. I figured I'm missing something but I've no idea what!


IT's NOT 100% NOOB! it's 91%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


GaryCee2k11 has it still got some stuff to complete?? i done it and had some stuff to do but making sure that ive done it right?

Yeh Sorry Man I Will Finnish It


has it still got some stuff to complete?? i done it and had some stuff to do but making sure that ive done it right?