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How To Mod Black Ops Zombies OFFLINE with USB

Tutorial Name: How To Mod Black Ops Zombies OFFLINE with USB  

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Submitted By: GameModder846

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1) On Your Xbox 360 Go To Xbox DashBoard > My Xbox > Profile (2nd Box) > Switch Profile > Create Profile.
2)Name Your Profile Anything, Choose any Avatar and Select Save And Exit.
3)Now Play Black Ops and muck around in Zombies for about 20 seconds. Hit The Xbox Guide Button and Select Xbox DashBoard.
4)Go To My Xbox > System Settings. Now Insert your USB. Now go to Memory. If you haven't Configured your USB go to USB Storage Device and configure. Now go to Hard Drive > Gamer Profiles > Select the profile you made > Select Move > Move It To Your USB Storage Device. Now Insert Your USB to your Computer.

5)Open Up Modio Go To Quick Actions and select Explore A Device.
6)Click File > Open/Close Drive and Click Through Content Folder all the way untill u cant click through it anymore. It will be a file with a sheet of white paper as its icon and it will Start with E000 (This Is Your Profile, Everyone has different letters and numbers at the end)
7) Right Click it and click Extract File then go to the desktop tab and click Save.
8) Open Up The Main Screen Of Modio Again (What You Opened Up On STep 5) and Click Open A Save. Go To Your Desktop Tab and select the profile you saved onto your Desktop (E0000)
9)On The Square That Just Popped Up (Your Profile) Go to the File Contents Tab and find 41560855.gpd
10) Right Click it (41560855.gpd) and click Replace File. Go To The Desktop tab again and select the Modded gpd (the one that you downloaded)(Download Links are At The Bottom Of This Tutorial).
11)Go back to that square popup (Your Profile) and go back to the first tab. I think its called General. Now click Rehash and Resign a few times.
12) Exit the square popup (Your Profile) and go back to the Explore A Device Box. If you exited it just repeat step 5 and 6
13) Right click the file (E0000) and click Delete. Now Click the white square part where you just deleted the file and click Insert File. now go to the desktop tab and select the E0000 profile.
14) Now exit out of everything and insert your usb back into your Xbox

15)On Your Xbox Dashboard go to My Xbox > System Settings > Memory > Usb Storage Device > Gamer Profiles > Select the profile thats on there and select move and move it to your Hard Drive.ggl
16)Now take out your USB go back to the xbox dashboard Load up Black Ops play some Solo Zombies and Kick Some Butt!

If You Did Not Understand This Tutorial a Very Detailed Video Of This Will Come Out Very Soon on
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- Pressing the back button once will enable all infections and activate instructions set one.
- Right Trigger = Shooting + Give ammo ( Infinite Ammo )

Instructions Set One : Player Modifications :
- Back Button = Toggle Noclip + Give Ammo + Give Freeze gun/Thunder Gun/Death Machine ( Depending on what map youre on )
- DPAD UP = Toggle god mode
- DPAD LEFT = Toggle third person
- DPAD RIGHT = Toggle promod perspectives
- DPAD DOWN = Drop current weapon
- B button = Alien vision toggle ( Have no clue what to call this )
- Left Bumper = Toggle cartoon mode on/off
- Right Stick = Annihiliate all zombies On/Off ( Dont use it to kill the doctor or the game wont go past the round youre on )
- Right Bumper = Changes to instruction set two, the weapon shop

Instruction Set Two : The Weapon Shop :
- Back Button = Changes to instruction set one, player modifications
- B Button = Drop ALL weapons ( Ray gun, M72, Death Machine, Etc, Etc )
- Right Bumper = Toggles Game Speed ( Fast, Slow, Regular )

Infections :
- Fully automatic triple burst and semi automatic weapons
- Smexy bullet trails
- Gun sticks out promod style ( Different from changing the promod perspective )
- Essentially infinite melee range
- Double tap = Godly now ( You have to buy the perk )
- Far away revives
- Infinite ammo
- The chest doesnt move at all no matter how many times you use it
- Faster walking speed
- Zombie bodies fly up after you kill them
- Really really long last stand time like 10+ minutes lol

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Modded GPD: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

Modio: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]


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Wow this brings back my script kiddie days


does this still work if anybody knows?


I wonder if we could still do this using cloud saves once BO1 becomes available on the backward compatibility list.


The good old USB Mods on zombies :o


valentino72610 "gamefront.com/files/17680519/41560855.gpd" is death please

This link does not exist any more


If my internet was better... would totally deleted the title update to do this. Wish i knew this earlier.


if you want to do this gpd now you will have to delete Title Update #11 as it has been patched.


I wised this was not patched. Would have been fun.


this doesn't work for me dude, it might be patched


MrFail42069 when i plug the usb back into my xbox and go to the storage it says the profile is corrupted and wont let me transfer it.. help?

I had the same problem, just do it again.. Make a new profile and complete all the steps again in order.