The Tech Game: May 2023

Tekken 8 Announces Cop Turned Cyborg Bryan Fury is Back33904.5
Tekken 8’s latest character reveal was posted too early33264
PlayStation Outsells Xbox 4:1 in Europe, According to EU Regulator32465
Lionsgate Says a AAA John Wick Game is in Development32874
Battlefield 2042 Season 5 brings promised squad management features33154.5
Warzone 2 player count hits lowest ever despite Ranked Play launch33474
Valorant Reportedly Nerfing Running And Gunning With Next Patch32565
Yakuza: Like a Dragon Developer Announces Livestream Event21844.5
Silent Hill 2 Remake and Townfall Trailers Coming “Really Soon”21903.7
Mortal Kombat 1 Might be Bringing Back Tag Team Battles22743.7
RGG Summit Summer 2023 Announced for June 15th21584.3
Days Gone 2 Would've Released By Now, Says Ex-Developer22113.7
Rumor: Sony Planning to Acquire Major Third-Party Studio45964
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake Gets Development Update24144.3
Nintendo Collector Goes Viral For Trading Rare Items For Zelda Switch24625
Pokemon Printed Record Number of Cards in 202234934
Assassin's Creed Mirage 'Real Gambling' Rumors Rear Their Head Again23794.7
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty first DLC releases in June23053.3
Diablo 4 will immortalize the first 1000 players to hit the level cap48184.3
Windows 11 getting new AI Clippy, a ChatGPT-like assistant24174.7
Team Fortress 2 star teases new project with Valve22413.3
God of War Ragnarok Bug Gives Kratos Wall Hacks22633.3
Final Fantasy 16 – New Game+, Ultimaniac Modes Detailed23275
Destiny 2 Player Points Out Plot Hole in New Dungeon25354.7
PlayStation’s New Handheld Device Reportedly Has Abysmal Battery Life34163.7
Front Mission 2: Remake Delayed, Now Planned for Q3 202323803.7
More Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 details have seemingly leaked22775
Original Fallout Creator Shares Why He Left The Series23084.3
Last of Us Multiplayer Game Is Reportedly Being Reevaluated21494.7
The Witcher 3 Player Reaches Absurd Amount of Time Played44254.7
Last of Us Multiplayer Game Reportedly Facing Major Setbacks22684
Minecraft 1.20 Trails & Tales update is launching on June 723764
Lord of the Rings: Gollum Dev Apologizes for “Underwhelming” Launch33273.7
Nintendo sends Valve DMCA notice to block Steam release of emulator23543.7
First Mortal Kombat 1 Playtest Announced, Signups Open23944
Xbox Reportedly Banning "Easy Gamerscore" Games24253
Ubisoft Confirms No More Prince of Persia Remake23164.3
Saints Row Will Keep Receiving Updates, Despite Poor Sales33073
Street Fighter 6 Hypes up Imminent Release with Launch Trailer21935
3DS Hackers Are Already Pirating Games Again Despite Update46053.3
Turn 10 reveals Forza Motorsport cover art and gameplay showcase plans23063
Minecraft Might Finally Be Getting RTX On Xbox23064.3
Pokemon TCG Announces Next Set, Will Introduce a Darkness-Type Card23843.7
Epic Games Store’s latest free game is Fallout: New Vegas33014
Metal Gear Solid Collection Has Older Metal Gears & Physical Version23134
Homeworld 3 gets delayed once again, this time to February 202422954
Spider-Man 2 release date and pre-order details are coming ‘soon’22784.3
Starfield is reportedly getting a special edition Xbox controller22433.3
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 Shows off New Gameplay Trailer33823
Forza Motorsport Unveils Cover Cars Ahead of Xbox Games Showcase33245
Diablo 4 Seasons Won’t Continue Main Story, Could Extend World Map22595
Aliens: Dark Descent Gets Gameplay Trailer, Story Details22423
Alan Wake 2 Trailer Was “100 Percent” Running on PS5 – Remedy22694
Assassin's Creed Mirage Isn't Coming to Steam22714
PlayStation Announces New Handheld Device34605
Capcom premieres first trailer for Dragon’s Dogma 222134
PlayStation is using Bungie to vet its upcoming live service games21673
Snake Eater Remake Will Stick With The Original Voice Cast22423
Trackmania Has Been Played by 5 Million Players23875
Alan Wake 2 Will be a Digital-Only Release21654
Final Fantasy 16 Developers Have No Plans for DLC22264
Embracer CEO Has 'No Comment' on Star Wars KOTOR Remake21925
Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope Releases New DLC Teaser23705
PSVR2’s early sales beat the original, Sony claims21805
Rockstar Games Boss Reveals Challenges of Making GTA 622683
Embracer shares have nosedived after the collapse of a $2 billion deal21664
New Lies of P Reveal Teased for Summer Game Fest21605
Surprise Nintendo 3DS Update Targets Hacks, Pirated Games24544
Summer Game Fest 2023 Will be 2 Hours Long22275
Mortal Kombat 1 To Get Gameplay Premiere At Summer Game Fest21764
Sony Aggressively Pursuing Entertainment Mergers and Acquisitions21523
Deviation Games’ PS5 Exclusive Is Canceled, Insider Claims21664
Rockstar Games Boss Tries to Avoid GTA 6 Questions on Live TV24113
Left 4 Dead dev says Valve meeting was “brutal”26163
Life is Strange: True Colors Developer Suffers Layoffs22303
Persona 6 Release Date Window Rumored for Next Year21673
WRC 23 Is Reportedly Hitting The Track In July 2023, Claims Leaker23984
TikTok sues Montana after new law banning its app34095
Diablo 4 story trailer sets the scene ahead of next month’s release22673
Star Trek: Resurgence Launch Trailer Released23185
Weird West: Definitive Edition Announced for Nintendo Switch22085
Ubisoft's Star Wars Game Could Reportedly Release in Early 202422784
Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom ‘was delayed by over a year for polish’21993
Xbox Reports 450 Percent Increase In Player Punishments32655
Diablo 4 Level Scaling Will Cap on Lower World Tiers24193
God of War Creator Calls Tears of the Kingdom "Distractingly Ugly"24874.5
War Thunder reverses economy changes after Steam review bombing23993.5
V Rising player counts soars as Secrets of the Gloomrot thrives22144
Modders have remade the Fallout: New Vegas world map in Minecraft32704.3
Physical Switch Copies Of Lego 2K Drive Are Just A Code In A Box22194
Assassin's Creed Mirage Release Date, Gameplay Revealed23244
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Remake Revealed for PS522803.5
Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Vol. 1 Announced for PS523235
System Shock Remake Hypes up Imminent Launch with New Trailer23084
Mass Effect: Andromeda Director Wanted to Make a Sequel32594.5
Bloodborne Insider Shares New Proof of PC Version22793
Sony aims to "increase the number of active users on PC"21914
New Dead by Daylight Game Announced by Until Dawn Developer23423.5
Mortal Kombat Series Has Sold Over 80 Million Units22154
Alan Wake 2 is Set to Launch in October, According to Voice Actor22204.5
Ed Boon wants you to know Mortal Kombat 1 is a reboot, not a remake42704
Halo Infinite is finally getting an Infection mode this summer22415
Rumored GTA 6 Actor Possibly Debunked23444
Activision Blizzard Acquisition Has Been Approved in China22564
Warzone 2 Leak Hints At The Return Of Rebirth Island22263
Portal 2 Gets 20 New Co-Op Levels With Community Mod Update36775
AEW: Fight Forever Release Date Officially Announced24754
PlayStation Video Will No Longer Work on Blu-ray Players and Smart TVs23964
PlayStation Boss Shares Exciting Update on Marvel's Spider-Man 243303.5
Overwatch 2 Director Explains Decision to Cancel Hero Missions22954
Star Wars: Jedi Survivor topped European game sales in April23064
GTA 6 launch details put Take-Two stock through the roof38313
God of War Ragnarok Art Director Raf Grassetti is Leaving SIE22513.5
Terrified of leaks, Apple is banning employees from using ChatGPT47704.5
Sony is Sticking to Its Current PC Strategy for PS5 Exclusives23183.5
System Shock Remake Confirms Release Date24923.5
Cyberpunk 2077's Phantom Liberty DLC Reportedly Releasing Very Soon35074
Nintendo Switch Online Reveals Three Mario GBA Games23923.5
Sony Patents Reveal More Details About New PlayStation Controller33964.5
Mortal Kombat 1 Kollector’s Edition Detailed24424
Tears Of The Kingdom Speedrunners Are Discovering Many Unique Glitches25884.5
Xbox Series X Owners Threaten Boycott Over Controversial Feature77514.7
Mortal Kombat 1 DLC Characters Leaked23844
Riot Handpicked Indie Developer To Create League of Legends Game33835
Killer Instinct is Being Moved to Modern Server Infrastructure23564
Jim Ryan says it’s too early to judge PlayStation VR2’s popularity22694
Mortal Kombat 1 Trailer Could Hint At Returning Gear System23923
Google now says it will not delete accounts that have YouTube videos24314
Metal Gear Franchise Has Sold Over 59.8 Million Units22363.5
Nightingale Early Access Launch Delayed to Fall 202322414
Days Gone Developer Teases Next Game22633.5
Destiny 3 Possibly Teased by Bungie23634.5
Hogwarts Legacy Scrapped Morality and Rep Systems During Development23174.5
Death Stranding Free to Download for Limited Time23285
Aliens: Dark Descent Goes Gold Ahead of June Release22594.5
Ghost of Tsushima 2 Reportedly Won’t Be at PlayStation Showcase23924.5
Xbox has launched its first game on GeForce Now23473
Lords of the Fallen dated with new gameplay trailer23673
Modern Warfare 2 Developer Teases Classic Map In Future Update24553.5
Take-Two thinks mid-generation console refreshes are likely22614
Mortal Kombat 1 Beta Announced23953.5
Redfall Player Count is Astonishingly Low After Two Weeks34204
Valve is being sued over Steam Deck rumble tech12694
Grand Theft Auto 6 May Release Next Year12963.5
Steam leaving Google Analytics behind for built-in system21794
Grand Theft Auto Series Passes Another Incredible Sales Milestone22295
Xbox Game Pass Reveals New Batch of Games for May23224.5
YouTube Possibly Deleting Millions of Old Videos58833.6
Saudi Arabia has reportedly increased its stake in EA23213.7
Tears of the Kingdom Is the Fastest-Selling Zelda Game Ever23844
Sony’s PlayStation Showcase returns next Wednesday22933.7
Assassin's Creed Mirage Release Date Teased by Ubisoft22984.7
Destiny 2 is Finally Adding a Long-Awaited Feature23413.3
Blizzard has scrapped Overwatch 2’s planned co-op PvE hero mode22553.7
Ubisoft has added XDefiant to its 2023-24 line-up22723.7
Pokemon Go Will Add Master Ball34494
Windows 10 users are getting pushy upgrade ads from Microsoft23563.7
Microsoft CEO Refuses To Rule Out Pulling Activision Games From The UK23263.7
Ubisoft Has 2,000 Devs On Assassin's Creed, Wants Hundreds More21734.3
Sega Games Could Be Next To Get $70 Price Tag44804.3
Stray Seemingly Heading to Xbox22653.7
Steam Game Returns Years After Being Removed33454.7
Assassin’s Creed Mirage will be released in October, it’s claimed22594.7
Halo Infinite Leak Reveals Two New Multiplayer Maps22874
Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Ability Started as a Cheat Code25454.3
Mortal Kombat 1 First Trailer and Release Date Revealed25354.7
Forza Motorsport October Release Date Reportedly Revealed44543.7
One of CoD's most iconic maps was originally released by accident71,0723.7
Games with Gold: Hoa is now free to claim on Xbox43974.3
Zelda producer says he’s ‘for sure’ interested in a Zelda movie23914.3
Layers of Fear has received a mid-June release date23104
Square Enix Plans To Create and Acquire New Studios22994
We Happy Few Developer Could Reveal Next Game Soon33264
UK’s regulator says EU is wrong to approve Microsoft’s Activision deal36154.3
Tekken 8 Character Select Screen Reportedly Revealed23073.3
Xbox Outsells Switch After More Than Two Years In The UK33063.3
Microsoft's Activision Blizzard Purchase Approved in EU21954
Street Fighter 6 Confirms Open Beta Characters23903
Redfall Developer Appears to Already Be Working On Its Next Game24094.3
Deviation Games’ PS5 Title’s Budget is Over $50 Million22343.8
TikTok gives “supreme access” to CCP, says former ByteDance executive35884
Diablo 4 Server Slam Hotfix Addresses Necromancer Minion Nerfs22633.8
Netflix reportedly will cut spending by $300 million in 202323723.3
Street Fighter 6 – Ryu and Kimberly Featured in New Character Guide23694.5
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Players Slam "Dumb" Part of the Game27034
Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake “Could be Coming to Xbox Down the Line24004.3
Evil West Dev is Working on a “New and Ambitious” Action Game23343.5
EA says even more FPS studios are facing “increased harassment”33764.5
Tekken 8 – Hwoarang Stars in New Character Trailer23744.5
Xbox Executive Talks About Potentially Quick Resume to Windows 1122624.3
PUBG Update Copies Apex Legends Respawn System24534.3
Xbox Series S Storage Can Be Filled With Only Two Games76754.8
Diablo 4 Microtransactions Will Only Be Cosmetic, Blizzard Reiterates33894
GTA 6 Update May Point to Potential Release Date24574.8
Nintendo says it has no plans to cut Switch prices34424
Pokémon Maker Game Freak Developing New Action Adventure IP23294.3
Call Of Duty 2023 Reportedly Set To Continue Confusing Trend57133.8
Elden Ring DLC Release Date Seems Further Off Than Assumed24764
Amnesia: The Bunker has been delayed to June22324.6
Lords of the Fallen could be released in October23754
Game Pass “Hurts Sales,” Says Somerville Developer43493.6
Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch Delayed to November 14th23464
Resident Evil 4 Remake Helps Capcom Hit Record Sales33764.4
Summer Game Fest 2023 announces over 40 partners23983.6
Sharp Says it’s Making LCD Displays for “a New Console”24444.4
F1 23 Won’t Feature PS VR2 Support22873.6
Elden Ring Has Sold 20.5 Million Units22894.4
The Epic Games Store’s next free title is a ‘mystery game’22344.2
Steam Bans Gambling In Huge Shake-Up To Counter-Strike Markets36253.2
FIFA 23 On PS5 Might Break If You Have Too Many Friends23004.6
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Update Nerfs Popular Assault Rifle23813.8
Stadia's Best Exclusive Game is Finally Coming to PlayStation and Xbox23294.8
Xbox Game Pass Update Adds New Day One Game33623.8
Devolver Direct showcase confirmed for June22413.4
New Battlefield Game Teased by EA Boss35514.3
Hollow Knight: Silksong’s developer confirms delay23623.8
EU regulators will reportedly clear Microsoft’s Activision acquisition24263.5
Mortal Kombat 12 Teaser Says “It is Almost Time,” Teases Reboot23003.3
Capcom just had its best year ever, selling 41.7 million games22024.3
EA ‘overjoyed’ with early Star Wars Jedi: Survivor performance23403.5
Call of Duty 2023 Report Leaks Release Date and First Details26194.3
Payday 3 Has Been Wishlisted by Over 1 Million Players on Steam22944.3
Minecraft Reveals "Last Call" to Migrate Old Accounts22723.3
Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Will Release After April 202423074.3
Sony says Horizon Forbidden West has sold 8.4m copies21694.5
Starfield Rating Teases Aliens and Fast-Paced Combat22483.8
System Shock Remake Has Gone Gold23543.7
Dark and Darker Release Date Delayed Amid Legal Troubles22924.5
Bungie has won another Destiny 2 cheat seller lawsuit22953.8
Call of Duty 2023 Leak Reveals When the Game Will Be Revealed23784
Nintendo Switch Successor Development “Progressing Well”23883.7
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Adding New Game on May 1633674
Street Fighter 6 Open Beta Launch Date And Characters Confirmed22563.5
Diablo Immortal is Getting a Boss Rush Mode in Latest Update22224
Doom 2 RPG Has Been Ported to PC22484.3
Among Us Ending Support for Certain Devices This Month23355
Hogwarts Legacy Changes Divisive Feature22914.2
CSGO cases set a new record, jumping 27% in one month22063.7
The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Game Length Revealed24603.5
Former PlayStation Boss Saddened by PixelOpus Studio Closure22634.5
Darkest Dungeon 2 Exits Early Access, Now Available on PC22254.2
Mortal Kombat 12 Guest Character Possibly Teased22713.8
Diablo 4 Developer Clarifies AI Patent Following Controversy22133.3
Not used your Twitter account in years? You might lose it23774.2
Nintendo Insider Shares Disappointing Update About Next Direct24304.6
Payday 3 Teaser Trailer Released24594
Little Nightmares 3 Seems to be in Development25914.4
Jedi: Survivor’s UK launch sales were up over 30% on Fallen Order22624.3
Sonic Frontiers Tops 3.5 Million Sales22373.9
Rockstar Is Trolling Fans About GTA 6 Reveal46563.7
New Mortal Kombat 12 Report Reveals Official Title and Platforms34073.9
PlayStation Reportedly Lands Exclusivity For Multiple Konami Games43774.4
Saints Row is Seemingly Headed to Steam33063.7
Dead Island 2’s Original Vision Was “Too Complex” – Dambuster Studios33523.6
A new Shadowman game is in development32554.3
The Last of Us is one of HBO Max’s most streamed shows ever42344
Jedi: Survivor preorder and deluxe edition bonuses are going missing33004.1
PlayStation Insider Hints at Upcoming Showcase33083.9
Microsoft to Lodge Appeal Against CMA in the Coming Days33933.6
Deep Silver Parent Company Restructuring, Layoffs Coming - Report43444.3
Dead Rising Reboot maybe in the Works at Capcom53484.6
Nearly Half Of Hunt: Showdown Users Have Never Killed Another Player33493.6
Starfield’s Console Frame Rate Will be Communicated Ahead of Launch33254.5
WB Discovery CEO Seems To Suggest A Superman Game Is On The Horizon33433.6
CSGO player count soars up 20% to another new record43214.3
Phil Spencer admits the company lost the console wars to competitors64424.3
Steam Search Now Allows Users to Search for Franchises and Developers31914.1
Quantum Error Will Launch with a New Game Plus Mode33294.1
Xbox to Provide Game Updates, Announce New Things June 11th32933.9
Redfall Hits New Low on Metacritic46564.2
Redfall is Now One of the Lowest-Rated Steam Games of All Time56274.1
GTA 5 Actor Comments on Possible GTA 6 Return77103.7
Hogwarts Legacy Video Compares PS4 and PS5 Versions33644.1
Redfall Players Frustrated By Lack Of Communication32704.1
Microsoft hires an ‘EU-beating’ lawyer to help overturn UK regulator’s33203.7
HBO's The Last Of Us Is Averaging 32 Million Viewers Per Episode33314.1
Pokemon GO’s Recent Revenue Estimates Are “Incorrect”, Niantic Says23664.6
Ghostwire Tokyo Has Topped 4 Million Players22824
PlayStation's PixelOpus Studio Is Shutting Down32823.9
Starfield seems to have leaked its own ESRB rating33883.7
Hogwarts Legacy has topped 15 million sales & grossed over $1 billion22754
Collector Finds GameCube Apparently Used For SpaceWorld 2000 Reveal25534.4
Hogwarts Legacy Update Adds Arachnophobia Mode33804.3
Amnesia: The Bunker Showcases 10 Minutes of New Gameplay Footage24054.3
Bungie is raising Destiny 2 season pass prices22903.9
PS4 versus Xbox One was "the worst generation to lose," - Phil Spencer23004.1
Remnant 2 Trailer Showcases the Fae Half of the World of Losomn24843.6
Switch version of Marvel's Midnight Suns gets axed23463.9
For the King II Announces Steam Beta22533.8
Battlefield Boss Talks Franchise's Future Following 204223984.1
‘Just making great games’ won’t change Xbox console market share22583.9
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl Receives New Trailer24414.3
Unannounced Star Wars RTS is in the Works at “a Big-Name Developer”22594.2
Bungie has won $12 million in a Destiny 2 cheat seller lawsuit23763.9
Xbox Assisted Starfield’s Development Better Than Redfall23843.7
Phil Spencer - Starfield Wont Be So Good That People Sell Their PS5s33713.9
The Epic Games Store’s next free title has been announced23133.9
Dead Island 2 Expansion Adds 2 New Story Chapters With New Enemies23714.1
Xbox Boss Is Not Too Worried About Console Sales22663.8
Redfall Player Count Could Be More Bad News for the Game26614.4
PS5 Update Fixes Backward Compatibility Issue23193.8
Discord Is Forcing Everyone To Change Their Usernames101,2414.3
Pokémon Trading Card Game Live will be released in June25014
Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake Possibly Teased33364.3
Assassin’s Creed Mirage Is Reportedly Launching In August 202324913.8
Xbox Reportedly Not Involved With Redfall Development44204.4
Ark 2 studio says reported Spring 2025 release date is "just a typo"23734.3
Titanfall 3's Potential Addressed By Respawn Entertainment Boss23114.3
Tchia Surpasses 1 Million Players23194.3
Minecraft just fixed a bug from 11 years ago23653.7
Pokemon GO is Seeing Significant Monthly Drops in Revenue23984.1
Forza Motorsport Summer Launch Seemingly Teased by Microsoft22973.8
F1 23 trailer confirms June release date24263.7
Starfield Direct Will Features “Tons of New Gameplay”23183.8
Street Fighter 6 sales target is 10 million, Capcom president says23064.2
After Us Gameplay Trailer Showcases Platforming, Combat, and More33724
Atomic Heart Reveals First DLC Trailer23534
Microsoft announces Xbox Games Showcase start time22854
Planet of Lana Releases May 23rd on Xbox and PC22374.1
Biomutant is coming to Nintendo Switch24244.2
Spider-Man Remastered for PS5 Finally Getting Standalone Release22753.5
Xbox has launched a PC Game Pass friend referral offer33463.8
Fall Guys Season 4 launches next week with a level editor23754.3
New Special Edition Xbox Controller Revealed37523.8
Microsoft Acquisition of Activision Could Be Blocked for 10 Years25303.8
PlayStation Data Suggests $70 Games Are Resulting In Fewer Sales53424.2
Mortal Kombat 12 Announcement Being Teased by NetherRealm Studios23064
Diablo 4 Server Slam Trailer Shows off World Boss, Rewards, and More24224.2
Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty playtest is coming22933.9
Hi-Fi Rush Developer Possibly Working on a Multiplayer Game23134.2
Hellblade 2 Release Date Possibly Teased in Xbox Game Pass Ad23594
PlayStation Consoles Have Collectively Sold Over 500 Million Units32544.1
PlayStation Boss Teases New Live-Service Projects22373.6
Wartales Sells Over 600,00 Units Since Early Access Debut21904.1
Some Of PlayStation's Live Services Will Launch On PC22564.1
Sony Saw $2.4B in Revenue from PC Titles, VR, & Peripherals FY 22/2322663.6
Modern AAA Games Can Cost Over $1 Billion to Develop and Market34374.4
Nintendo Listing Mentions Next-Gen Hardware & Cross-Gen Development33914.5
Unreleased Tetris Game Footage Leaks Online23873.4
Halo Infinite Leak Details Upcoming Maps, Modes, Features, and More22644.1
Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom File Size Changed by Nintendo13534.3
The Super Mario Bros. Movie Officially Crosses $1 Billion at Worldwide34253.9
League of Legends' AI bots are getting a major reboot22724
Starfield Players Warned of Scam Targeting Fans23173.7
Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon – Combat and The Arena Detailed23924.5
Octopath Traveler 2 Devs Aren't Thinking About A Sequel Right Now22574.5
Microsoft Could be Working on its Own VR Device22244.1
New Xbox Game Pass Game Already Has Over 3 Million Players34133.8
Destiny 2 cheat maker owes Bungie $12 million in default judgment22914.2
The current version of Windows 10 will be its last22653.8
Rumor: Assassin's Creed Mirage May Have Hit a Production Bump22104
Halo Infinite's Hit Reg is Still Completely Broken33184
Sony Assures Investors Spider-Man 2 Is Launching This Financial Year22094.2
Capcom Issues Warning to "Unauthorized" Street Fighter 6 Players23454.3
Little Nightmares Series Has Sold 12 Million Copies32974.1
Steam Gets Overhauled In-Game Overlay in Latest Beta Update24664.5
Microsoft To Pay $3 Billion "Breakup Fee" If Merger Falls Apart44973.5
High on Life Has Been Played by 7.5 Million Players32474.2
Rumor: New Tomb Raider Collection Leaks Online23504.1
Vampire Survivors To Become An Animated TV Series22623.7
Steam Now Delays Market Sales If Sold For An Unusually High Price23984.3
Activision CEO expects ‘accelerated’ UK appeals process22534.1
FromSoftware is Hoping to have Shorter Gaps Between Releases22434
Sonic Frontiers Has Sold 3.2 Million Units22904.4
Sony confirms more PlayStation games are coming to PC22264.2
Persona 5 Royal Has Sold 1.7 Million Units on Switch, Xbox, PC, & PS522423.9
There's An Armored Core 6 Special Edition That'll Cost You 450 Bucks34844.1
F1 23 is seemingly teasing the return of the Braking Point story mode22394.1
GTA 5 Removes Potentially Offensive Feature35544.1
PS5 Tops 38.4 Million Lifetime Shipments21573.9
Microsoft strikes a 10-year deal with another cloud service21873.9

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