Mass Effect: Andromeda Director Wanted to Make a Sequel

Former BioWare director Mac Walters has revealed that he would have liked for the studio to create a sequel to Mass Effect: Andromeda. Unlike the original trilogy of Mass Effect titles, Andromeda was met with a largely negative response from both fans and critics alike when it launched back in 2017. In fact, the reaction to Andromeda was so middling that BioWare and EA later went on to cancel the game's DLC plans that previously were in place. Despite this, Walters believes that a sequel to Andromeda would have been greatly improved from its predecessor.

In an extensive conversation with Eurogamer, Walters explained that he would've liked to have been given a crack at a potential Mass Effect: Andromeda 2 as he believes those at BioWare would have been able to rectify the original game's shortcomings. Walters compared this potential leap between games to what was seen from Mass Effect to Mass Effect 2, and eventually Mass Effect 3. With each new installment of the original Mass Effect trilogy, Walters said that BioWare was able to take big leaps forward to refine the overall experience. In the same way, he thinks this would have also proven to be true with Andromeda 2.

"I only wish we had been able to then do a second one, because then you would have really seen that polish just like we did from [Mass Effect] to [Mass Effect 2] on the original [trilogy]," Walters said of his ambitions for an Andromeda sequel. "With Mass Effect, arguably there [are] lots of things that we didn't do right, but then we got to hone it and improve it on [Mass Effect 2], and then perfect it on [Mass Effect 3]. [...] And certainly had we shipped an Andromeda 2, I am a hundred percent certain we would have improved on all the things that people called out and then also been about to lean into the innovative things that we were trying to do as well."

Moving forward, BioWare is still looking to bring back Mass Effect in a big way even though Walters is no longer at the studio. Currently, an unnamed Mass Effect sequel that many fans are simply dubbing "Mass Effect 4" is in the works at BioWare and should look to follow up on the events of Mass Effect 3. Prior to this game's release, though, BioWare's next major project is Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. Details on when all of these games will be released haven't yet surfaced, but it seems likely that we'll begin to learn more as 2023 continues onward.

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glad they didn't release a sequel, we would've been scarred for life


Game may have been alright bakc then but not the best and nobody goes back to replay it. I don't think a second one would have been smart.


There were lots of things done wrong, there was already several games in the series and they somehow made it the worse one, the foundation was already there and yet managed to go backwards in terms of story, animation, graphics and voice actors ( lack of any emotion )

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