Tears Of The Kingdom Speedrunners Are Discovering Many Unique Glitches

The real fun of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom probably lies in the ability to bend the rules every now and then, as many fans continue to demonstrate. And apparently, despite the game's built-in flexibility, speedrunners are already brainstorming additional ways to push the limits of the game and make the new Hyrule trip even more unhinged.

It's worth noting that most of these glitches are bizarre technical hiccups that are neither foolproof nor extensively tested, and we're not even sure why some of them happen in the first place. These exploits might also get patched in any of the game's upcoming updates.

The most known glitches involve players exploiting frame mechanics to manipulate attack damage, item swapping, and even item numbers (shout-out to TotK - Glitch Archive and Tears of The Kingdom Speedrunners discord for compiling them).

There's GamSla341 who stumbled upon a method that grants the power to do unlimited damage while collecting weapons. And Modoki_returns also discovered a similar frame transition trick that allowed them to perform the infinite duplication glitch by playing around with the new fuse mechanics, effectively doubling their desired items at will.

Other glitches are downright peculiar and off-the-wall. For example, there's an infinite anti-gravity glitch discovered by Kaldemar that defies logic. Then there's Steel's discovery of a glitch that allows Link to sprint without a bow. And let's not forget Xeryph's discovery that allows Link to stand on thin air or an invisible surface inside himself. These glitches certainly add an extra layer of quirkiness to an already versatile experience.

Other glitches capitalize on the food buffs you gain by cooking and purchasing meals, such as the one discovered by Fabs. This glitch allows any food you purchase to inherit the effects of the meal you consume, and it doesn't stop there—even additional items will retain and extend these beneficial effects. Essentially, it's a glitch that allows you to stack buffs and become more powerful for longer periods of time.

There are a few glitches that haven't made their way to YouTube yet and are only available on the exclusive Discord, but are just as mind-blowing. For instance, one player named Konsome found a glitch that grants link the ability to walk through doors by maneuvering a bulky object away from the door and then using the rewind/recall ability on the spot where it was previously positioned, creating an ability similar to the ascend ability, but on a horizontal axis, and there are more discoveries to come thanks to the dedication of the fans.

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geez, already? glad they're finding them out though


This game is really fun and better if you play on the big screen !

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