The Tech Game: January 2013

GTA 5 delay may mean next-gen release.10510,5174.7
'PlayStation 2013' event set for February 20 PlayStation 4?555,3944.5
Microsoft 'to axe XNA'10414,3664.6
GTA 5 delayed to September - Official release date announced.13618,7714.6
Google rumored to be launching paid YouTube channels soon816,9214.7
Medal of Honor taken 'out of rotation'775,4684.6
Battlefield 3 Premium hits nearly 3 million subscribers502,5244.6
FIFA 13 sells 12 million, beats FIFA 12 by 23 percent453,2214.7
Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC now available on Xbox LIVE.13313,9444.4
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Title Update 8 Details9014,4494.8
Gears of War: Judgment MP demo set for Xbox Live748,6684.4
Major Black Ops 2 Patch Now Live on Xbox 36014121,3924.3
Halo 4 getting Grifball playlist1067,9674.8
Terraria coming to consoles in February - New trailer released.798,5594.6
Plummiting Xbox sales push Microsoft revenues down849,5184.7
THQ memo asks employees to pack up today9910,3274.8
Assassin's Creed 3 - Tyranny of King Washington DLC dated.497,2364.4
Red/Blue 'Super Slim' PS3s set for UK release775,5174.4
Halo 4: Spartan Ops episode 7 trailer403,0214.7
Google Tells Police to Get Warrants for EMails627,8134.3
The Last of Us Demo announced.504,8204.7
Rumor: PS4 Specs, new controller and account system leaked668,4614.5
Crysis 3 achievements appear online.546,4174.8
WWE Game License Acquired by Take Two565,3184.5
GTA 5 publisher buys Left 4 Dead studio Turtle Rock & next gen IP "Evolve"446,0244.7
Sony fined £250k over 'preventable' PSN hack756,8954.6
Report: Microsoft 'in talks for $3 billion Dell deal'555,8534.5
Zelda: Wind Waker coming to Wii U in Autumn 2013708,4294.7
Dead Island: Riptide gameplay reveal trailer released455,5034.5
Koch Media buys out Saints Row devs Volition & Metro series.514,8904.4
Google: "Gangnam Style" has generated $8 million on YouTube views606,5764.6
Crysis 3 open beta for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 on 29th January.396,7754.8
Gears of War 1 to be included with Judgment.585,2734.5
Minecraft PC reaches 9M units sold. 20M units sold across all platforms554,0544.7
Blockbuster closing 300 US stores.625,1824.7
Rumor: More Next-Gen Xbox specs leaked8511,4884.7
The Elder Scrolls Online - Beta sign up now available.294,1154.6
New Black Ops 2 DLC Trailer released - Double XP weekend also announced.7610,9244.5
New Gears of War: Judgment Video, “The Guts of Gears”567,8774.7
Atari US files for Bankruptcy.344,7394.6
Sony: "We'll let Microsoft announce their console first"9611,4594.5
Halo 4 community playlist, new Spartan Ops and new Specializations537,5104.5
NFS: Most Wanted Wii U UK Release date confirmed.424,0604.6
PayPal now offers payment option for North American PSN users344,9314.7
Sony to abandon DualShock design for PS4?394,1944.6
Too Human taken down from Xbox LIVE Marketplace.579,4964.4
The Next-Generation Xbox could have an eight-core CPU, according to new leaks.9313,0464.7
Xbox Live voice chat to be replaced by Skype17928,7644.2
China gets Call of Duty Online, but monetization isn't quite ready679,2914.5
Canada to get white PS3 on Jan. 27876,8744.6
PSN scheduled for maintenance on Jan. 17th655,6934.7
Next-Generation PS4 and Xbox 720 set for $400 price range11318,6804.7
PS4 and Next-Generation Xbox to be announced in March?12214,9004.4
Amazon Instant Video is now available on the Wii in the US383,9294.6
15 more Batman domains registered, Warner Bros. not done with Arkham yet575,1054.6
FIFA 13 still leading the charts in UK393,6254.7
Wii Mini is little in size and comes with little features489,7004.5
Black Ops 2 Nuketown Zombies map coming next week to PC and PS36710,4784.3
Sony patent may give redesigned Move some dangerous possibilities536,6474.5
15 million Minecraft purchases during 2012595,5974.6
PlayStation 3 reportedly passes Xbox 360 in worldwide sales698,2754.3
PS3 Exclusive "High Tides" DLC for Far Cry 3 hits January 15333,5684.6
Wii U game sales "far behind launch levels for Gamecube and Wii"494,8424.6
Wii sales stronger than Wii U on debut month302,6704.6
Call of Duty development offer declined by Gearbox17822,9614.6
Google finally drops patent battle with Microsoft over Xbox 3607313,7464.6
Used look on new Tomb Raider 360 Controller527,7414.7
Xbox 360 sales reach 1.4 million units in December544,6134.7
PlayStation Network web store to launch in US next month332,6434.6
Halo 4 Majestic Map Pack Coming Next Month, Spartan Ops and Playlist Schedules516,6664.7
Microsoft adds "motion" to their ads with NUads424,7504.6
More perks for Gears of War: Judgement pre-orders365,5374.6
New affordable iPhone from Apple?8117,3954.4
MLB 2K13 Makes Comeback To Consoles364,7824.6
Xbox Live sales reports: Black Ops II #1 overall, CastleMiner Z is #1 Indie455,7254.5
Free Outpost Application for mobile multiplayer decoding for Far Cry 3214,7884.6
IllumiRoom, Microsofts new proof-of-concept Xbox system shown off in Las Vegas a6410,5264.6
Crysis 3 is not coming to the Wii U, for real this time273,0904.6
Black Ops 2 'Revolution' hits Xbox Jan. 29 with new weapon, mode, maps10215,0324.5
DayZ standalone ambition expands, imminent closed test to dictate public release496,4974.6
Black Ops 2 'Revolution' DLC content descriptions leaked7713,6654.7
Thief steals iPads, nothing else, from Microsoft building8410,9684.6
Sony anti-used game patent leads to GameStop stock plunge10511,9304.7
Black Ops 2 tops UK sales charts for 2012403,4504.6
Crysis 4 could explore different genres, hints Crytek producer335,5054.7
EA outsells all as UK's best-selling publisher of 2012392,7384.6
Rumor: Used Wii Us let you download previous user's games465,1274.5
iPhone 6 and iOS 7 references 'spotted in app logs'738,9754.4
Microsoft's 'Major Nelson' counts down to E3 2013829,5224.5
Xbox Live region-switching being streamlined this month467,2074.4
Black Ops 2 cross-map Tomahawk kill is not what you expect10120,0464.1
Doritos Crash Course 'City Lights' DLC stumbles onto Xbox Live758,1524.6
Minecraft XBLA closes out the year by reaching 5 million sales milestone705,6654.7

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