The Tech Game: February 2012

Glossy white Xbox 360 Kinect bundle announced4812,7614.5
Medal of Honor: Warfighter to feature co-op support, one shot kill mode2111,0454.7
Infinity Ward will work with Treyarch more in the future8318,4974.1
PlayStation Vita Facebook app pulled from PSN43,4684.7
First Mass Effect 3 space trips end up in the trees3323,8994.6
Xbox 360 10 year anniversary bundle outed2924,8504.4
DICE details next big Battlefield 3 fix list1923,1254.3
Report: Medal of Honor: Warfighter is Danger Close's next game, hits in October1721,3324.6
PSN maintenance starts on March 1 at 11am ET719,3214.5
Killzone 3's multiplayer on PSN as standalone free-to-play game next week319,4584.7
PS3 Getting Exclusive ELiTE Theme Feb 28th820,5304.5
Xbox Live update released2626,9874.3
Report: Nintendo negotiating Wii U video content streaming222,4794.6
MW3 – Bowling Wants to Give You Classic Maps for Free9643,6744.6
Is Sony making its own Kinect?104,1524.8
Take-Two trademarks 'GTA TV' and 'Rockstar TV'2610,3804.7
WWE WrestleFest on iOS today, coming to XBLA, PSN, PC, Android in 201264,8454.7
Co-Op Shade Survival mode coming to Uncharted 323,8064.7
SSX demo available now on Xbox 360, later today on PS3267,8314.4
Gabe Newell: Xbox 720 and PS4 must embrace innovation1510,5064.6
Modern Warfare 3 New Elite Map Drop Now Live on Xbox 360238,5634.3
Battlefield 3 Developer Reveals Further Patch Details and Updates116,0614.5
Activision clears air on Black Ops 2 fallout7015,1024.1
CoD Developer Seeks Balance Between “Quickscopers” and “Hardscopers”11627,8093.7
Sony: Call of Duty blasting onto Vita this fall44,6424.6
Halo 4 to feature one heavy Master Chief3912,5274.7
XBLIG gets a new home in the Dashboard169,9154.5
'I'm not thinking about trying to launch PS4 anytime soon,' says Sony boss23,7644.4
Treyarch contract art studio employee lists 'Black Ops 2' among current projects4013,3824.6
Report: 'Black Ops 2' listing spotted on Amazon France2212,6154.3
Xbox 720 reportedly codenamed 'Durango'3010,1204.4
Mass Effect 3 copies launched into space will crash down for your discovery4016,4374.6
PlayStation Store comic service to be removed13,6774.7
Hulu Plus app now downloadable on Wii07,6154.4
Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer free on Steam this weekend85,7024.4
Xbox 360 system update gets its colors in order, makes it mandatory2913,8594.6
Robert Bowling Sympathizes With Modern Warfare 3 Fans Over DLC Exclusivity3511,2554.4
A Patch Costs $40,000 on Xbox 360 and PS34322,0744.5
CoD: Black Ops has 'best game ending ever' - Guinness World Records15530,2293.6
Rumor: Next Xbox to have touch-screen controller5115,0664.6
Rockstar: 'There could be an LA Noire 2'126,7934.5
Epic’s Tim Sweeney sees games hitting fewer platforms over time76,5024.6
Gabe Newell provides update on Steam security intrusion44,4094.6
Modern Warfare 3 More Prestige Levels Being Added12842,0294.6
No Fix for CoD4 Hacks Soon, MW3 Playlist Limitations4618,2584.5
This year’s Call of Duty to bring ‘meaningful genre innovations’2710,1554.5
Call of Duty Elite pulls in 7 million users, 1.5 million paid memberships258,3464.3
MW3's next DLC drops from a skyscraper onto Xbox Elite members on Feb. 214216,0784.3
Mass Effect Infiltrator breaking in to iOS devices44,0074.8
Xbox Live GM responds to Live security concerns198,3774.6
PS3 firmware update speeds up web browsing34,2434.8
The entire World of Warcraft being recreated with Minecraft blocks95,7014.6
Battlefield 3 voice chat issues patched on PS313,4634.8
Battlefield 3 – DICE Still Working on PS3 Input Lag, New Patch Details03,4634.6
Modern Warfare 3: Drop Zone Could Make a Return5113,8494.1
Incoming Black Ops Double XP Weekend and 24/7 Playlist3912,5234.7
Xbox 720 pre-owned games block 'would be fantastic,' says dev7615,9934.5
A “mystery shooter sequel” to be revealed next month105,1004.7
PSN accounts changing to Sony Entertainment Network53,4714.5
New MW3 Community Playlist “Infected” Coming Feb 5 on Xbox 360 and PS38725,9504.5
Stepto announces his resignation from Microsoft259,5414.7
Modern Warfare 3 Weapon Rebalancing and More on “Panic Knifing”7020,5664.4
Trials Evolution now on track for spring 2012 launch145,4114.7
Bungie handing over Halo community services to 343 in March3910,2754.4
Modern Warfare 3 – Panic Knifing and Extreme Conditioning Are Here To Stay7216,5694.4
Epic Games comments on Xbox 72086,3974.4
Battlefield 3 dev hiring 'anti-cheat administrator' to stop the evildoers217,2594.3

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