The Tech Game: April 2011

Kinect Hacked To Play Portal 2239,6504.7
Congress sends inquiry to Sony about PSN security breach02,2254.7
Don’t expect Master Chief to make a cameo in Gears of War 3187,0684.5
Sony “evaluating ways” to reward PSN users93,4134.5
Gamasutra examines a PlayStation brand in crisis02,2544.6
Black Ops “Call of the Dead” Official Movie Poster1912,2234.6
PSN hackers already using stolen credit card data65,0914.7
Hirai to hold PSN breach press conference tomorrow22,3224.5
Xbox LIVE: No Phishing Problems Says Microsoft128,3764.6
Sony Correction: We do ask for CCV numbers32,7944.6
Sony Breaks Silence on PSN Outage, It’s Not Pretty43,2844.6
Black Ops Escalation “Call of the Dead” What to Expect2310,0644.5
FBI Cybercrimes Joins 22 States In Sweeping PlayStation Network Investigation43,4664.8
PSN Database containing 2.2million Credit Cards now up for sale135,8534.7
Microsoft confirms Hulu Plus on Xbox 360 for tomorrow, free for all until May 62911,5124.7
Geohot: War on hackers, lack of security experts caused PSN debacle02,7094.7
No Xbox Live problems, Microsoft insists117,8594.3
Sony sees 5 percent share-drop following PSN-gate42,3294.5
Hulu Plus offers one-week credit to subscribers using PSN01,9304.6
PSN Breach: What it means for you, and for Sony12,2544.5
Notch reveals plan for Minecraft mods23,4324.7
Sony may be hit with £500K fine over PSN data loss02,3054.7
Maps are coming to Minecraft in Beta Update 1.622,7914.8
Hulu Plus for Xbox 360 caught on video104,4544.5
Class action lawsuit filed against Sony for security breach02,1464.7
Rumor: Sony distributing new security-enhancing SDK to PS3 devs01,8144.7
Sony Online Entertainment says its customer data is safe01,8014.6
Sony: PSN to be back online next week01,8954.7
Sony failed to encrypt personal PSN data, claims 'very sophisticated' security12,5094.7
First Gameplay for Call of the Dead Inside Xbox2211,9394.8
PSN Security Breach Prompts US Senator To Demand Answers From Sony54,3044.6
Microsoft..Dun..Goof'd? Banned Xbox 360's Now unbanned108112,5384.5
Official Machinima Call of the Dead Trailer Released379,9074.5
PSN security totally compromised, hackers access your accounts and credit cards154,0334.7
X360key allows Xbox 360 games to stealthily run from USB hard drive4318,9404.7
PSN down for five days, Sony warns of “time intensive” fix63,6334.7
Minecraft hits the motherlode, reaches two million purchases43,1464.4
Anonymous issues new PSN video, denies action86,1584.5
Latest Update for PSN/Qriocity Services02,0834.5
Sony: We turned off the Playstation Network32,5134.5
New Forum Section -- Call of the Dead910,6374.5
MW2 Modded Lobbies via System Link Infections - ONLINE2422,9164.7
Microsoft issues statement regarding PSN outage2910,4864.7
PSN outage due to 'external intrusion'33,0494.8
Wii 2 / Project Cafe document leak reveals console and controller135,3214.6
Anonymous set to end attacks against Sony?83,5804.6
Wii 2 specs 'leaked', as big as original Xbox, looks like a 'modern SNES'125,5594.6
Xbox Live Goes Free This Weekend Attempting World Record3311,5454.5
US and EU PSN outage could last “a day or two”, says Sony83,7924.6
Activision Wary of Call of Duty Going the Way of Guitar Hero328,1784.7
Black Ops Escalation Double XP Event Announced309,1564.4
Minecraft Beta 1.5 Released43,4254.6
Anonymous banned from Youtube but will continue to attack Sony126,3224.5
Microsoft change Xbox Live Indie Games ratings, only Gold members can score136,3724.8
Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation Multiplayer Preview3212,9534.3
Black Ops: Watch out for chimney grenades3912,2254.8
PSP Go is finally gone?22,6484.4
Gears of War 3 Beta Goes Live For Bulletstorm Owners225,3964.7
All major retailers drop Wii to $169.99, Wii 2 is imminent12,5124.7
Crysis 2 - Retaliation Map Pack leaked1514,0444.7
Sony introduces its version of the 'online pass' with SOCOM 422,3794.6
Watch 12 minutes of gorgeous Battlefield 3 gameplay4912,3344.8
Sony vs Holtz, ended in gag order44,0604.7
Black Ops Steals Entire Entertainment Industry in UK176,0924.2
Xbox 360 sells 433,000 units across U.S. in March73,4304.7
Glasess free 3D coming to the iPad via software hack33,3344.6
Report – Nintendo to announce new console at E362,9434.7
Paul D Ceglia files claim for 85 per cent ownership stake in Facebook22,4604.5
Graf_Chokolo's Home Raided Again145,0744.7
Call of Duty: Black Ops mod tools launching in May64,2014.8
Take a look at Hulu Plus on Xbox and the new Kinect sub-Dash167,7464.5
Kinect Now Offers Hands-free Netflix Support53,0904.7
Crysis 2 - Retaliation Map Pack105,8004.7
Star Fox 64 3D barrel rolls out in Japan July 1422,3604.7
Xbox 360 Spring Dashboard Update May Have Hulu & Avatar Kinect156,8204.7
Anonymous tells Sony to prepare for their 'biggest attack'195,6954.7
Black Ops Map Pack 2: Escalation Has Been Confirmed for May 3rd3614,5384.7
Sony and Geohot reach settlement over PS3 hacking case146,0914.7
Nintendo Wii is running out of steam - Sony63,0564.6
Free to play Xbox LIVE games due next year4414,4834.7
Microsoft urges Windows Phone 7 users not to jailbreak53,7844.6
Crysis 2 Direct X 11 Patch in the Works23,0524.8
Xbox 360 “Running Out of Steam” says PS3 Exec579,4484.2
Sony’s hosting provider talks "Anonymous" cyber-attacks94,5944.6
Battlefield 3 will have lower framerate,resolution, lose effects on consoles277,3724.3
Kinect hack: Controlling an AR Drone116,7804.8
DICE: We've already built a BETTER game then Black Ops... Battlefield TWO549,5694.5
Minecraft Given a Release Date43,2844.7
New Xbox360 dashboard beta steps up anti-piracy effort5517,4494.1
Kinect Hacks: Invade space to control Space Invaders33,4504.6
Black Ops Map Packs ‘Have Value’ – Treyarch4013,5704.6
Xbox Dashboard beta rolls out, isn't that exciting yet2811,7784.6
Minecraft beta update 1.5 to include weather effects27884.7
Next version of Silverlight to bring Windows Phone apps to Xbox360?63,2094.7
Minecraft mines $33 million in revenue06474.7
Anonymous stops PSN attacks, but reveals PS3 demands165,3574.8
EA planning $100m marketing spend for CoD beater Battlefield 373,0814.6
Modern Warfare Will Stay With Activision146,1264.4
Xbox Development Kit arrives with 'significantly reduced price,' Slim Sidecar2710,9584.7
Anti-Sony Hackers Attacking Employee Families185,5214.6
Black Ops Escalation Pack Preview leaked flyer6118,8274.7
Stepto on Xbox Live hacker: 'He's not trying to help'228,4634.7
Anonymous Release Video: “These Attacks Will Continue”216,3714.8
Xbox Live hacker: 'All accounts are open' to attacks4716,5484.5
FIFA 12 gameplay details next month104,7754.6
Hackers also hit PSN, Sony warns for 'interruptions' throughout the day02,6734.6
Hackers bring down and, the war starts94,4994.5
Former Infinity Ward heads seek to void original contract with Activision83,8204.6
Modern Warfare 3 Annoucement Coming Soon358,0734.6
Battlefield 3 Campaign Rumored at 12 Hours92,5814.6
Treyarch focused on Black Ops Support…for now74,3924.3
One of original Madden creators suing EA for millions83,0764.7
Stepto's Xbox Live Account Hacked7224,7754.8
Leaked Forza 4 pitch video pulled by Microsoft135,6344.6
Gmail april fools becomes a reality due to Kinect Hack105,5214.7
“Exciting” DLC in store for Homefront83,6914.7
Battlefield 3 vs Call of Duty: Showdown Marked for November358,8254.7
Meet the man behind Halo's multiplayer announcer175,9094.7
PlayStation 3 Takes Lead on Xbox 360 in Sales305,8214.9

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