The Tech Game: December 2010

Call of duty - Black ops online Infection Lobby5426,5324
PS3 as hackable as the Wii now claim notorious hackers124,7554.3
Japanese newspaper reports spring 2011 debut for PlayStation Phone73,3304.5
Kinect breaking 'older' Xbox 360 consoles?5313,0894.5
Look out Jay Leno, Black Ops is seriously kicking your ass348,1574.3
Over 9,000 PS3 users petition for Black Ops refund 'its inferior to the 360'6012,0504.5
Purchased a buggy game? You're allowed a refund in the UK!186,6584.7
Microsoft: 2011 is all about Kinect, will blow your mind134,6934.6
Freddie Wong develops the most realistic Call of Duty ever7117,4814.8
Red Dead Redemption doubling XP until 201173,0994.7
Black Ops Top Ten Plays By m40snipes62,7484.7
Kinect improvement rumors are false according to Microsoft104,0444.6
Huge Horizon Update Now Available! New Mod Tools!3316,4114.1
Black Ops PS3 multiplayer patched again135,2224.6
EA calls Activision's legal claims 'deliberate misdirection'244,9874.7
TTG Video of the week : 10-0 SnD Sniping w/ UNIQUE Commentary264,5454.5
Activision Confirms "First Strike" DLC For Black Ops4912,9774.6
Call of Duty: Black Ops Achieves The $1 Billion Mark244,6834.4
What's The Next Call of Duty Game Going To Be?11823,6214.3
Rumor: Microsoft improving Kinect’s accuracy83,6204.6
Need for Speed World crosses the three million users line92,6504.8
Black Ops PS3 network connectivity hotfix released, 'more coming'83,0074.8
Kinect Hacks: 'holographic' video chat187,3334.8
360 most played console online214,9174.6
Black Ops update out for PS3 and Xbox 3602711,5354.3
PSJailbreak legalized in Spain, Sony ordered to pay damages52,7964.7
Hacks: Kinect used to create giant virtual piano! of death?175,6444.7
Mark Lamia talks about Treyarch and Call of duty175,8364.3
Need for Speed : Hot Pursuit sells 417k in US83,5594.7
Black Ops scope on PS3 suffers 'terrible coding' claims video4414,9403.9
Kinect Hacks: Self-driving car307,9234.5
Gran Turismo 5 ships 5.5 million worldwide82,8344.7
Black Ops becomes 7th best selling game of all time in US326,5324.7
Call of Duty cyber attack prompts arrest348,8084.6
Microsoft and Doritos teaming up for a second round of free XBLA games194,5344.6
Kinect Used to Make Flying AI Robot of death!289,3074.6
Next Call of duty Black ops title update detailed5121,9154.4
Rumor: Killzone 3 splitscreen image 'leaked'72,7664.6
4 Xbox360 Achievements you may never have?5114,9054.6
Leaked video gives us a peak at the PlayStation Phone114,1374.5
PS3 Firmware v3.50 hacked and jailbroken, no need for downgrading23,5754.5
Kinect becomes fastest selling device in gadget history62,4554.4
Xbox modding case dropped... the modder never pirated games....406,5854.6
Genius! Sony releases 22" TV with built in PS2 for £199103,5014.4
Ubisoft Punishes Pirates With Vuvuzelas73,5884.7
Microsoft brand 2010 Xbox’s “biggest year ever”62,6594.7
Gran Turismo 5 getting updated further, damage patch incoming01,7294.7
New Super Mario Bros. Wii goes quadruple platinum in Japan31,8344.6
Gold members dominate Xbox LIVE204,8874.6
Judge Berates Prosecutors In Xbox Modding Trial346,2924.3
Trials HD Big Thrills DLC Now Out62,9094.7
Xbox Live Rewards program launches296,4954.5
Microsoft has 'nothing to announce at this time' regarding Halo remake rumors143,2534.7

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