The Tech Game: October 2010

Xbox Live Fall Dashboard update coming November 1549,7934.2
1 Billion Hours a Month Logged on Xbox Live286,5744.6
Xbox Live Gold Membership Price Hike Reminder277,0514.4
Call of Duty: Black Ops now banned in Germany!4916,3784.3
MOH getting Hot Zone mode on November 2153,1414.6
PlayStation Phone leak reveals prototype device, platform details83,0044.5
Kinect will be profitable from launch51,8934.6
14 Ways that Black Ops Raises the Bar257,6664.8
Treyarch aims for player “connection” with Black Ops protagonist124,7404.4
Kinect Dashboard Arrives Today - Warnings5113,9373.2
Kontrol Freek - Gamer Pack Review209,3104.4
Activision playing 'good cop' with Call of Duty: Black Ops pirates255,8044.6
Black Ops censors itself, takes out neck breaking kill175,5304.5
Call of duty Black ops Number of Prestige Levels Confirmed229,5284.8
Microsoft trying to block original Xbox hacker from mod-chip trial166,3194.6
Microsoft not ignoring 3D, doing things “people can go enjoy today”82,1984.6
Xbox Live Silver to be called 'Xbox Live Free Membership' Gold price hike236,7274.6 getting makeover tomorrow174,2404.5
Rockstar lets RDR hackers and cheaters back in43,3264.7
Medal of Honor sells 1.5 million in 5 days, gets new game mode52,1694.6
Call of Duty: Black Ops Nazi Zombies Leaked Kino Der Untoten7428,5444.3
World's Highest Gamerscore Reaches Half a Million5110,5554.5
Call of duty - Black ops leaked10338,3754.5
Microsoft: Xbox 360 #1 fourth month in a row, NPD confirms23,9414.7
Xbox Live update allows you to have 1,000 friends???317,7784.4
HMV: Black Ops has “every chance” of becoming biggest game ever93,4324.4
Halo: Reach Noble Map Pack coming Nov. 30133,8634.6
Medal of Honor insists on PS3 firmware 3.42, blocks PSJailbreak31,8464.4
GT5 slips, but still on for “holiday season”71,9524.4
Microsoft “working hard” to meet Kinect demand42,0664.7
Kinect already selling out across UK41,8694.6
Analyst: Black Ops to outsell Medal of Honor x 3163,3164.4
Microsoft outlines changes and improvements coming in dashboard update285,1484.5
Halo: Reach 5% players have beaten Campaign solo on Legendary449,3034.8
Black Ops pre-orders surpassing those for Modern Warfare 2 at GameStop174,9544.4
Treyarch Adds Interaction to Black Ops’ MP Maps297,1494.6
Reach update brings Matchmaking, other changes93,4014.6
Rockstar awarded ‘substantial’ damages by British newspaper over false GTA c92,5534.3
Call of Duty: Black Ops will block party chat in some (but fewer) modes235,3654.6
Black Ops gets a 3D-compatible scope attachment134,4274.5
Modern Warfare 2 map packs discounted this week on XBLM244,4114.2
Sony looking to bring down any 'hack' website with PS3 in their name144,0314.5
Bungie resets credits on 15K Halo: Reach cheaters337,6784.1
Black Ops Achievements/Trophies are spoilerrific155,8724.6
Halo: Reach tops Xbox Live activity chart103,1424.6
Medal of Honor’s Taliban renamed to Opposing Force123,1864.6
Analyst: Medal of Honor launch “ill-timed,” needs more buzz71,8954.6

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