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The only certain things in this life are death, taxes, and a new Madden title every year. Having been released annually since 1990, the Madden franchise is often considered the gold standard for sports games. After having announced Madden NFL 19, the newest installment in the franchise, a few weeks ago, Electronic Arts showed off the first official trailer for the game at today’s EA Play press ...read more
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Electronic Arts’ premium services like EA Access and Origin Access have been doing incredibly well on Xbox One and PC respectively. However, the publisher is looking to take things even further with the announcement of Origin Access Premier. Releasing for PC later this Summer, the service will allow access to the Vault, bringing over 100 games from numerous EA franchises and third party ...read more
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Back in 2016, Coldwood Interactive charmed many with the extreme cuteness of Unravel‘sprotagonist Yarny. In the same year, Electronic Arts confirmed that it had signed a partnership with the studio for another game, ultimately mentioning that it was a sequel for the adorable platformer. Today, during the EA Play press conference, EA and Coldwood made good on that promise and unveiled Unravel ...read more
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Respawn Entertainment teased its Star Wars game today during EA Play 2018 at E3. Respawn boss Vince Zampella announced the name of the studio’s Star Wars title. It’s called Jedi: Fallen Order. According to Zampella, the game takes place place during the “dark times” where the Jedi are being hunted. Timeline wise, it takes place between episodes Star Wars episode 3 and episode ...read more
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Fans of “the beautiful game” rejoice– Electronic Arts has unveiled new gameplay footage from their upcoming title FIFA 19. Since the release of FIFA International Soccer back in 1993, the franchise has released a new installment every year like clockwork. The most recent release, FIFA 18, was viewed in high regard at the times of its release. Check out the new trailer for the game ...read more
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At EA's E3 2018 presentation on June 9, we got our first glimpse at Battlefield 5. The demo started off with an intro to the returning War Stories mode, as well as revealing the brand new Royale mode, which is going to feature vehicles, which will be arriving after the launch of the main game. After this, there was some in-engine footage of Battlefield 5. Grand Operations was briefly on show, ...read more
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Bioware’s upcoming action RPG is launching on February 19, according to a listing on Amazon Italy. The release date for Anthem has apparently been leaked by Amazon Italy, who has listed the title with a February 19 release date. The title was confirmed for an early 2019 release by EA back in January to avoid clashing with Battlefield V. EA as been teasing the game in the run up to E3 ...read more
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EA Play 2018 kicks off the biggest show off the year this evening. Watch all the announcements right here with us. Those at home can watch everything unfold on the official EA Website and YouTube, starting at 11am PDT, 2pm EDT, 7pm BST. We have also embedded the livestream for your convenience. EA has already confirmed we’ll hear plenty on Bioware’s latest, Anthem. Last week, the ...read more
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Unravel 2 is coming to PC and console and it looks like it might feature co-op this time around. Unravel 2 has leaked ahead of E3 thanks to its ESRB ratings page, and the rating summary hints that co-op will be a feature of the new title. Spotted on ResetEra, the ESRB rating page describes “a pair” of Yarnys that will be facing further horrific trials. “This is a side-scrolling ...read more
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Following today’s reveal of Dead or Alive 6, Koei Tecmo opened the official website of the game. This offers another tidbit of information, and it’s on when we can expect to hear more about the game: the website promises an update on June 11th, right in the middle of the E3 in Los Angeles. To add a bit of speculation, among the big publishers, June 11th is the day in which Sony ...read more
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