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If you’re (blissfully) disconnected from the capital-D Discourse of gaming Twitter, we’ve once again been talking about videogame difficulty this week. As always, some players find challenge to be the important part of games, while others want easier options for accessibility reasons or simple preference. It seems like the latter group is quite a bit bigger, too – judging by the stats of ...read more
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The Surge 2 is almost upon us, which means it’s time to check out the launch trailer. Deck13 has released the launch trailer for The Surge 2, and you can check it out below. Players of the previous game will find the Surge formula is back, but with new weapons, gadgets, enhanced ranged combat, additional implants, and more loadout options. You can expect over 80 weapons, a directional ...read more
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People are expecting a great deal out of Cyberpunk 2077, which isn’t surprising, considering the fact that it’s being developed by the studio that made The Witcher 3. As such, above all else, the thing we’re looking forward to in the upcoming RPG is that it allows us to immerse ourselves in a world that is full of engaging characters and stories, whether that’s true its main narrative or ...read more
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A Total War Saga: Troy from Sega and Creative Assembly will release for PC, Mac, and Linux through Steam sometime in 2020. Following several leaks and an official tease, A Total War Saga: Troy has been officially announced by Creative Assembly and Sega. Casting these likely fictional and fantastical events in a more historical light, the game will release for PC via Steam sometime in 2020. ...read more
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The long rumored and leaked Batman Fortnite crossover event is finally here and brings Gotham City to Tilted Town. Well today is apparently “Batman Day” (because apparently everything ever created needs its own day). To celebrate, Fortnite has jumped in on the fun and has added new Batman-themed items and has replaced tilted town with Gotham City. Per Kotaku, a livestream this morning ...read more
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Looks like some Rainbow Six Siege players haven’t exactly being playing fair. A BBC report has discussed hackers who’ve been developing cheats for some big titles, including Ubisoft’s tactical shooter, and revealed that, allegedly, some of the top ranked Siege players in the world have been using cheats. The video report, titled ‘The cheat hackers “ruining” gaming for others,’ ...read more
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If you’ve had a rough time playing Rainbow Six Siege over the past few weeks, you’re not alone. Ubisoft’s tactical shooter has been the target of an extended array of denial of service attacks since the launch of Ember Rise. Yesterday, Ubisoft detailed some specific steps it will be taking in the wake of these continued service disruptions – and now it looks like some permanent bans are ...read more
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Planetside Arena has officially launched in Steam Early Access. Following a couple of delays, Planetside Arena has now finally arrived. The free-to-play shooter is now live on Steam, kicking off its Early Access period. At launch, Planetside Arena includes two modes that support up to 300 players each on a 64 sq km map. Squads allows for 12 players per unit, and Teams scale that down to ...read more
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Epic Games paid 505 Games’ parent company a large sum of money for exclusivity rights to Remedy’s Control. The sum of €9.49 million was paid out to Digital Bros, the parent company of publisher 505 Games, for Control according to a recent financial report. That’s quite a sum of money for distribution rights. News of the payout was reported by Daniel Ahmad, senior analyst at Niko ...read more
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Borderlands 3 is getting its first event soon when the Bloody Harvest kicks off in October. The Halloween-themed event will introduce a bunch of spooky enemies to the game like the Rakk-O-Lanaterns and a boss fight against a new variant of a boss you will have already encountered once you get a decent ways into the game. A bunch of new cosmetics will be added as well for each of the Vault Hunters ...read more
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