Rockstar Games Teases More GTA Online Single-Player Content

This week, Rockstar Games released a huge GTA Online update, dubbed The Contract, complete with story-driven, single-player content. While GTA 5 fans will never get proper single-player DLC, single-player, narrative-rich experiences continue to come to Rockstar Games, and this isn't going to change anytime soon. While there's no word when the next bit of single-player, story-focused content will come to the game, Rockstar Games co-head Rob Nelson noted during a recent interview that the team is aware that this is what players want and it's something that will continue in the future.

"I just think having the option for players is a nice thing," said Nelson of the ability to player The Contract with friends or by yourself. "It's something that we've heard from players that they wanted more of. It's tough sometimes if you want to just jump in and you've got to wait. So if we can make something work as a solo player, then we should."

Nelson continued:

"We often want to incentivize co-op play, but maybe not all the time – especially for this update. There's as strong a narrative as we've had in any Online update since launch. There's a story driving it."

Again, for now, it remains to be seen what exactly fans will get, but with Franklin the star of The Contract, it begs the question if GTA 5's other two protagonists, Trevor and Michael, will make a return in the future with their own story content.

GTA Online is available via the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X.

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Michael still alive now we just need to know if it was madrazo or trevor that got kill

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