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With the help of Xbox Games Pass, Sea of Thieves hit a three-month sales target in just one day. As noted in a report by US Gamer (via via, Sea of Thieves’ developer, Rare, reported launching on Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass was a key factor in hitting the game’s sales targets early. Rare producer Joe Neate commented on Sea of Thieves’s success:
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Fast Start, a new capability in the Xbox One OS that will help you launch select Xbox games up to two times faster, is now available in preview for select Xbox Insiders. The feature is live in the preview build 1806.180612-1920, which is now available for Alpha, Alpha Skip Ahead, Beta and a subset of Delta Xbox Insiders. For now, the Fast Start technology only supports eight games in the Xbox more
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A new set of Call of Duty WW2 PlayStation trophies have arrived, pointing to a third DLC pack titled “United Front”. Sledgehammer Games has been fairly quiet about Call of Duty: WW2’s upcoming DLC content since The War Machine launched a few months back. Fans have been looking for clues in patches and updates, but have seen little in the way of overarching themes or release more
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During a livestream of the E3 show floor demo hosted today by Insomniac Games, the developers talked about a neat little feature that will be available after you finish the campaign. We hear that once you have completed the game you can change the time of day and weather as you wish. During the game’s campaign it’s all set by the story, but after you’re done there are “certain things more
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Pretty soon, players that enjoy venturing out into the real-world to capture Pokémon through the Pokémon GO mobile game by Niantic, will be able to try out brand new features coming to the title. In a blog post detailing the update, The Pokémon GO team announced that players will be getting a new update sometime later this week. The first feature mentioned is a Friends system that will more
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Fallout 76, the online co-op hared world shooter and RPG from Bethesda that launches later this year, will be getting a public beta to help Bethesda tweak things out ahead of the game’s launch. We already know that for now, the only way to gain access to the game’s beta will be to pre-order it; now we also know that the beta will come to the Xbox One first. On, the company has more
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Valve is working to address fake games on Steam, as uncovered by Reddit user deliteplays. Just like the measures to deal with exploiters of Trading Cards last year, games will now have to go through a “confidence metric” in order to have their achievements matter as some are inflating their achievement count for players to display on their profiles. Until games meet this confidence metric, more
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Fortnite’s about to get much more pungent with a new Stink Bomb item being added soon. The Stink Bomb was spotted in the game’s “New Updates” section that lists everything that’s coming to the battle royale game or has recently been added. At the top of the list is the Stink Bomb with a “coming soon” note attached to the item’s name alongside a description of how players will more
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Ubisoft posted a video on Friday giving an overview of some updates that were made to Tom Clancy’s The Divison, but the entire update is huge. Even better, players can unlock exclusive rewards that will be used in the upcoming Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 due out next March. Shields are a new feature that is available. They are a group of twelve collectibles that will reward both new and more
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A recent report from data analytic site GitHyp reveals the statistics for the major E3 press briefings. The results? A resounding, record-breaking win for the Microsoft E3 2018 Press Briefing. This news comes fresh off the news that E3 closed with 69,200 attendees. As illustrated by the graph above, several of the major gaming conferences and press briefings were compared based on peak more
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