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With God of War’s 2018 soft reboot now out in the wild and scoring big with critics, Sony Santa Monica Studios is taking a moment to look back at and reveal to fans what the earliest versions of the game looked like. In an official PlayStation live stream counting down to the game’s official launch, some of the development team and Sony representatives took a moment to show off a few more
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In the increasingly competitive space of battle-royale games, Canadian developer Scavengers Studio has announced that Darwin Project is ditching its pay-to-play model, in favor of adopting a free-to-play model that many of the other games in sub-genre already use. According to the developer, the decision is a result of it wanting to ensure players get the most out of the game, which means more
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Konami’s ten-year exclusivity of the UEFA Champions League rights is coming to an end. The Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) series, which has long been the only football game where a digital recreation of the Champions League could be made, will no longer have the privilege. More specifically, the deal will end after the 2018 Champions League Championship concludes in May, which means PES 2019 more
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Back in 2016, Rebellion Developments released Battlezone on PS4 (for PlayStation VR), before bringing it to PC (via HTC Vive and Oculus Rift) last year. Today, the developer revealed Battlezone: Gold Edition, which bundles all the game’s DLC together, drops the VR requirement, and brings the experience to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch for the first time. Battlezone: Gold Edition is expected more
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Looks like the Xbox Games With Gold offerings slipped out a bit earlier than planned. Microsoft hasn’t officially posted its Games With Gold offerings for the month of May, but the usual accompanying video was put live a bit early. Noticed by Wario64, the games coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners with Xbox Live Gold are a rather nice bunch. For the month of May, Xbox One users will more
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After almost a half decade of development, God of War, the newest entry in Sony’s flagship franchise that dramatically re-invents it in just about every possible way, is finally out today. For Cory Barlog, who has spent years toiling away at this game, its release marks the end of a long chapter in his life. And now that the game is out, launching to rave acclaim everywhere, he has put out a more
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With the latest patch to hit Fortnite this week, the return of the 50v50 player mode to the world of Battle Royale began. With many changes made to the Limited Time Mode from the last time players got their hands on it, players came in by the droves to experience those tweaks first hand. Overall, the new changes were well received, which you can see exactly what those changes were below:
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The owners of the Pokemon franchise have filed a mysterious new trademark over in Japan. Earlier today, Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures Inc. jointly filed a trademark for the phrase "Ultra Shiny," with no other context provided. The three companies are the joint owners of the Pokemon franchise, so most are assuming that the new phrase has something to do with Pokemon. The trademark more
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It looks like the biggest game in the world right now will be making its way to one of the biggest game markets in the world. Fortnite developer Epic has posted a very interesting tweet earlier today that all but confirms the game is coming to China. The tweet shows a passport for the game’s Jonsey character. The passport is stamped for April 23, which could be the game’s release date more
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One of the finest 2D platformers of all time, Retro Studios’ Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, launches on May 5 for the Nintendo Switch. The original game was spectacular, but sadly got slept on by a lot of people due to its status as a Wii U exclusive (as we all know, no one likes the Wii U)- hopefully, on the far more popular Nintendo Switch, it can get the success that it more
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