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A new Grand Theft Auto Online update is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Following the update, players can head on over to Legendary Motorsport and pick up the the Hijak Ruston, “a lightweight & pint-sized packet of fury.” “It might not win any safety awards, but the Ruston’s low profile gets you as close to the tarmac as you’re ever going to want to be, so nestle more
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According to a member on Tom Clancy’s The Division‘s official forums known as Y3kcim, the Ubisoft Massive third-person shooter currently has a game-breaking “God-Mode” exploit that allows players to take advantage of the system by becoming invincible and shooting through walls to attack other opponents. Once Y3kcim discovered the issue while playing in the Dark Zone’s PvP mode, the more
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While we know that Microsoft have no current plans to offer exclusive games for the Xbox Scorpio, we do know that the console will look to offer upgraded 4K gameplay over the base Xbox One - much like the PS4 Pro. Being touted as the most powerful console ever created, it’s hard to expect anything other than a top price point for the console which is set to arrive later in 2017. Early more
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Today, Scott Henson, Xbox Partner Group Program Manager, took to the Xbox Wire to announce that starting this month, Microsoft is rolling out several feature updates said to be inspired by feedback from select Xbox Insider members. According to Henson the features will begin to appear over the “next few weeks.” The feedback garnered from members, as always, will shape said features as they more
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Frank West has joined the Willamette’s horde in Frank Rising, a new single-player story DLC for Dead Rising 4. “Players will take control of a freshly-infected Frank West as the Willamette outbreak is far from over,” the DLC’s description reads. “Losing his humanity, Frank shambles through the city with a new hunger that can’t be satiated by food court burritos. Seemingly more
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Super Mario Run finally has a release date for Android. It will be arriving on the Google Play Store on March 23rd according to Nintendo. The relatively well received running platformer will feature some new characters and stages 1 to 4 available in the free demo. Like the iOS version, you need to pay £9.99 to unlock the remaining stages. Despite concerns over how much revenue it was more
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Pokémon developer Game Freak has posted listings for two jobs that seem to indicate that they’re cooking up a new pokémon title for the Switch. Spotted by Silicon Era, the first listing calls for 3D CG designers for a console project, and opens with “Here’s a chance to work on the development of a globally popular RPG!” Apparently the successful applicant will be tasked with more
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Mass Effect Andromeda is this week’s biggie, and it’s amazing anything turned up to face off against it. Koei Tecmo America’s being very brave launching both Berserk and Toukiden 2 in the face of BioWare’s latest. Other notable drops this week include Rock Band VR and Zero Escape: The Nonary Games, plus Super Mario Run making its Android debut at last. As always, PlayStation more
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Microsoft’s will reveal at E3 2017 its new console, the XBOX Project Scorpio. This is unlike previous console generation changes, which usually take up to a decade. Like Sony’s PS4 Pro, Project Scorpio will be a complimentary upgrade to the XBOX ONE. So far Microsoft has revealed little about the new console. It is claimed that it will have a 6 teraflops GPU which is a staggeringly high more
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The Grand Theft Auto V modding community is ever-growing and every year we get more spectacular mods. This year, DoctorGTA from the GTA Modding Community released a new mod for GTA V made with the Make Visuals Great Again mod. DoctorGTA’s new GTA V Ultra Real Graphics Mod 2017 in 4k really takes the graphics up a notch and feedback has been overwhelmingly good. Make Visuals Great Again more
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