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Rocket League players and esports watchers get the best of both worlds this weekend with the return of the Rocket League Championship Series Regional Championships and double Fan Rewards drops. To encourage players to tune into the Regional Championships taking place in North America and in Europe, Psyonix announced that Rocket League players who tune into the competition will be able to take more
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God of War has finally seen the light, and it’s in the hands of millions of gamers worldwide. This also means that it reached the screens of many developers as well, and they’re definitely talking about it on social media. Below you can find out quite a lot of tweets from relevant developers, to get a good idea of what they think about the new game. God of War officially released, April more
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God of War is on track to be one of the biggest launches for a PS4 exclusive, or more specifically, the biggest exclusive debut. That’s according to NPD analyst Mat Piscatella, who has “high confidence” that God of War will be a hit on PS4. That said, God of War is a single-player-only, story-driven game. Which means the game’s replayability doesn’t compare with other more
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If you own Battlefield 1 but you don’t own any of the DLC and you still want new content then you’re in luck. Today, developer EA DICE announced that it has made the map Rupture free for everyone to download and play, much to the excitement of fans. For those that don’t know, Rupture takes place near Paris, France during the Second Battle of the Marne. The map features trenches, ruins, more
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In a surprise announcement, Rockstar Games has just announced that the Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Online Edition is now available for all platforms, making it the ultimate GTA experience for those that have yet to experience the crazy misadventures, or are looking to score all of the crazy misadventures. Not only will Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC players get the original storyline more
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Some of VR’s most popular titles are seeing deep discounts through Monday as part of Steam’s spring sale. The list of discounts is pretty extensive, but early access VR shooters Onward and Pavlov are both discounted 40 percent to around $15 and $6, respectively. The “ludicrously violent” early access gladiator simulator Gorn is just $15 while VR tools Tilt Brush and Virtual Desktop more
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It seems that everyone these days seems to be engaging in some kind of Fortnite event -- including us here at the WWG offices -- but now Microsoft is looking to get more players in the swing of things, right in their own stores. The company has announced a new event series called Fortnite Fridays that will be taking place at several Microsoft Stores across the United States, as well as Canada, more
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With rumors circulating about the PlayStation 5 that could be arriving as soon as next year, it was only a matter of time before details emerged about what's next for Xbox. A recent job listing posted up on the Microsoft website just gave us a big hint at what we could expect from the next console, including a peek at what specs we could be looking at. The job posting in question for a Sr. more
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Just earlier today, we posted a story about how Epic Games wasn’t in any hurry to add a new map to its game, since it preferred to expand upon its current one. But that isn’t stopping the publisher from teasing that it’s traveling some place now. A new cryptic tweet has appeared on Epic’s Fortnite Twitter page suggesting that the Battle Bus is taking off to a new location -- more
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If you’ve been looking to pick up a few Capcom games for your PC game collection, Humble Bundle might just have the sale that you need. The company has introduced a Capcom Weekend sale, and you can snag several of its hit titles for up to 80 percent off between now and Sunday. This includes some notable bargains, like Ultra Street Fighter IV for $7.49; Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for $9.99 more
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