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There’s a lot to unpack here, and at this point nobody outside of Valve is sure of what’s even happening. However, here’s what’s got the community buzzing. Near the tourist compound on Danger Zone’s only map, Black Site, there’s a motel-style building with numbered rooms. Room three is boarded up and inaccessible – get it? It’s a Half-Life 3 joke, right? Well, not so fast. more
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Amid all the controversy surrounding Fallout 76’s duffel bags, of all things, Bethesda remains committed to fixing the universally panned game with updates and patches. After releasing a patch last week that most notably fixed Stash sizes (among other things), another update was due on December 11 for consoles and PC that would introduce several requested features, such as terraforming during more
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The Just Cause 4 team shared an update on its post-release plans for the game and said new features are coming within the next few weeks. Avalanche Studios New York’s announcement on the Square Enix site started by thanking everyone who’s been supporting Just Cause 4 before breaking down the plans for improvements. The team cited Just Cause 4’s physics system that allows for some more
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While Bethesda has seen better days following what’s been happening with Fallout 76, the company is still convinced that its Bethesda Launcher is a viable solution when it comes to its digital PC games. And it’s moving forward by offering another of its upcoming releases through said Launcher, which has just gone live for pre-order. Bethesda has officially put up Rage 2 for pre-order, set more
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According to a new rumor reported on by Nintendo Soup, Atlus' critically-acclaimed RPG Persona 5 is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019. The rumor specifically comes way of MysticDistance, a translator and writer for Persona Central and other websites. According to MysticDistance, multiple sources have provided them with "rather damning" evidence that the beloved game will come to the Nintendo more
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Unlike some games these days that ask you to clear a ridiculous amount of space on your hard drive to install them, Kingdom Hearts III won't require much room on your system, at least on Xbox One. A listing for the game over on the Microsoft store has revealed the file size for the upcoming action-RPG will only take up 35.8 GB of space, which isn't the smallest number, but compared to some more
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Borderlands 3 was a no show at The Game Awards this past Thursday, despite heavy teasing that an announcement was imminent. That said, details on the game are starting to seemingly leak through the Internet. Just a few days ago, the game's characters classes were leaked. And now what appears to be character art for the game has surfaced. Coming courtesy of Reddit, the new character art leak more
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ust yesterday, at The Kinda Funny Games Showcase, we got a glimpse at a bunch of new games and new content for other titles such as The Church in the Darkness. The game received a new character trailer and gave us a quick snapshot of some of the title’s characters. You can check out the game’s new trailer below. For more coverage of the game, make sure to check out our preview. We got more
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Yet another new trailer has been released for Kingdom Hearts III. This time the game’s opening cinematic gets a snappy trailer with the new song from Hikaru Utada & Skrillex called “Face My Fears.” This is the first of three new trailers for Kingdom Hearts III that will be released this month. The trailer acts like chronological cliff notes for the key games from the series’ past. We more
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Announced at the Kinda Funny Showcase, Super Meat Boy Forever will be launching in April 2019. While it is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One during that window, the upcoming game will be an Epic Store exclusive which means no Steam release for an entire year. On the game’s official Discord channel, the Super Meat Boy creator Tommy Refenes gave his reason behind the exclusivity. more
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