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Today the Japanese arm of Bandai Namco opened a teaser website for what appears to be a brand new game. The site is titled “Summer Horror Project” and the site reproduces a rather creepy video feed of a rather typical Japanese lowrise house. Among the keywords in the site’s source code there is a mention of zombies, and clicking on the social media buttons lets you share the message more
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Following the alpha test phase, Snowpeak Studio has announced an early access date for its medieval fantasy, team-based competitive multiplayer title Blood Ancestors. Fans can look forward to playing the early access version of the game on Steam on August 16th. To coincide with the announcement, the developers have also shared a brand new trailer. The open alpha for Blood Ancestors occurred more
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Fallout 76’s Perk system is designed to “help you build a better you,” because everyone has to be better in order to survive post-nuclear West Virginia. Fallout 76 features robust character customization, and a revamped Perks system providing players with plenty of opportunity to create the ultimate survivor. During a QuakeCon 2018 panel today, host and associate director of content more
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If you watched the Fallout 76 keynote at QuakeCon earlier today, you would have seen the unveiling of the new perks system. To summarise, perks are now cards that you unlock throughout the game, equipping them to your character in different stat slots to give yourself buffs. See our Fallout 76 perks list for some examples. At certain intervals, you are also awarded card packs. Open them up more
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Assassin’s Creed Origins completely revamped the combat of the series, and this year’s Odyssey is going to build on that new foundation. While the system will remain the same as last year’s game at its core, its making several changes and enhancements to provide players more mobility, agility, and customization. Ubisoft have now released a new video talking about how they’re doing that more
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Looking forward to Doom Eternal and Rage 2? You can play the originals on Xbox Game Pass right now. Doom Eternal and Rage 2 are on most Bethesda player’s minds right now, thanks in no small part to these wonderfully impressive gameplay trailers from QuakeCon. But if you have a current Xbox system and can’t wait to play? You could dive into the previous game for each series. Doom (2016) more
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The latest playable Rainbow Six Siege operator has been revealed a bit earlier than Ubisoft planned. It seems that yesterday, Rainbow Six Siege meant to tease a new character using a brief gif on its German Twitter account. Then it went a step further and revealed an entire trailer on Facebook. That video was quickly taken down, but not before we got a good look at the latest operator. As more
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Black Ops 4 recently had a three day long closed beta on the PS4, and we’d reported earlier on how Treyarch were looking into fixing a number of issues, big and small, they’d taken note of during that beta. Among those issues were those pertaining to movement, especially the combination of sliding and bunny hopping. Black Ops 4 is now currently playable in beta once again, this time on all more
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Even with yearly, alternating sequels in the Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon franchises, Playground Games’ Forza Horizon 4 still looks special. After debuting at E3 2018, the developer has been hosting a number of streams detailing all the different features and gameplay systems available. In a new features trailer, it previews all of these within a few minutes. Check it out below. The more
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The Witcher 3 was an amazing generation-defining game on so many levels. It did revolutionary things that will be remembered for ages to come, and it did things on a smaller scale that maybe won’t stand out years from now but still deserve some credit. An example of that- its dynamic weathers. At any time, a storm could kick in in The Witcher 3, and the game looked absolutely glorious in those more
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