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Xbox boss Phil Spencer has once again commented on the ongoing rumors, hopes, and dreams shared by Call of Duty fans everywhere that Black Ops II will soon join the Xbox One backward compatibility program. This new statement is perhaps Spencer’s most assertive yet. He not only swiped down specific rumors that the game would be coming in the near future but went one step further, publicly more
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Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands will be having an open beta later this week for all platforms and the pre-load is currently live on PC via Uplay. It’s currently stated to be some 23.55 GB but if you still have the closed beta client, then it will be a 19.51 GB pre-load. For Xbox One and PS4, the update for those with the closed beta is around 20 GB. The pre-load for the open beta client more
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Want a look at what’s inside that fancy new Nintendo Switch console you’re about to buy? Well we now have them as images of the inside of the Switch have been leaked online revealing some of the hardware powering the new Nintendo console. Some of the pictures confirm that Nintendo is using a custom version of the Nvidia Tegra chip as you can see the in one picture below shows the X1 ending in more
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Remember the recent NeoGAF leak of the Nintendo Switch UI from the stolen Nintendo Switch consoles? The video has been a treasure trove of information regarding the little-detailed Nintendo console, including a confirmation of the Dark UI, profile images, and more functionality. However, an eagle-eyed journalist at IGN UK noted that in the Data Management tab of “Settings” only 25.9 GB more
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Nintendo has updated its Japanese website with file sizes for numerous upcoming Switch games, including a whopping 32 GB install for Dragon Quest I and II, which means it will require a separate microSD card, as the Switch only ships with 32 GB of internal memory, and some of that will be allotted to its operating system. Here are the file sizes we know so far:
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Halo Wars 2 is the major retail release this week, but there’s so much of import happening in the digital and indie scene. Although special edition owners started playing last week, Halo Wars 2 arrives on Tuesday. It’s been a long wait for franchise fans and we’re interested to see how the strategy masters at the Creative Assembly rework the console-friendly RTS. The other big release more
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Earlier this week, someone was able to get their hands on the upcoming Nintendo Switch ahead of release. Initially, it was thought that this Switch unit was acquired through retail shipping errors but that no longer seems to be the case. Nintendo has now spoken out about the Switch systems in the wild and gave the following statement to IGN:
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Since its release in May 2011, Terraria has sold 20.5 million copies, according to developer Re-Logic. The milestone was reached by the end of 2016, meaning over 4.1 million copies of Terraria have been sold each year for the past five years. 8.3 million units were sold within the last 18 months on PC since update 1.3 launched in June 2015. Along with unit sales figure, (thanks, PCgamesN) more
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A surprising console has made its way onto the list of top-selling consoles: the NES Classic Edition. According to the NPD Group’s January 2017 report (via GamesBeat), the NES Classic Edition is officially selling better than the Wii U. It makes sense, since the NES Classic released to a wave of nostalgia and the Wii U is on its last legs. Still, it’s unusual for a $60 remake of an 8-bit more
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Recently, Xbox head Phil Spencer posted a new update on Xbox Wire laying out the company’s strategy for the upcoming year. Spencer talked about their plans for 2017 saying: 2017 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting years ever for Xbox gamers. We are preparing to launch the most powerful console ever made this holiday – Project Scorpio – along with a diverse lineup of games. In more
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