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While the Xbox One is currently secured in terms of hardware, services, and features, the one area it is notably lacking in is quality exclusive games, owing mostly to Microsoft’s shockingly weak showing in this area over the last few years. Speaking on Twitter to fans about first party games, however, Spencer said things that might suggest fans having a cause to be hopeful. For instance, more
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Rainbow Six Siege is a game that does content right; to that effect, it’s bringing even more content nearly three years after its release. Today, the game’s development team announced their “Year 3” content and support timeline, including eight new operators and two new maps as well as the new Outbreak event. Year 3 is set to begin with Operation Chimera, which introduces two brand new more
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Now that connection and server problems in Call of Duty: WW2 have subsided, fans direct their attention to other, more nuanced requests. Michael Condrey, the ever helpful studio lead for Call of Duty: WW2 developer Sledgehammer, has taken to Twitter to answer a few fan questions about many subjects. Flinch was among the things some players found too punishing in its current state. According more
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A fresh leak has revealed there are at least three new types of Supply Drop headed to Call of Duty WW2. The game offers two types of Supply Drop right now, Regular and Rare, and will soon add Legendary, Epic and Weapon Supply Drops. As the name suggests, the Weapon Supply Drop will contain new weapons for multiplayer. Some guns and melee weapons have been hinted at in previous leaks, more
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The Pro League livestream today came bearing many gifts when it comes to the world of Rainbow Six Siege, including real-time gameplay of the three new operators in actions in the new Korean setting. In addition to seeing some of the new in-game material up close and personal - a new mode has finally been confirmed after months of speculation. Introducing the new co-op event Mission more
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While this week will no doubt be filled up with Black Friday deals and stuffing yourself silly with Thanksgiving food, don’t forget to take some time and embrace some of the cool things making the rounds on the Internet – like the absolutely free rock epic from Double Fine Productions that you can download right now. Humble Bundle has announced that it is giving away the epic rock more
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Using cheats is nothing new within PC gaming, but if you're the creator of a game and streaming with fans - it's probably best to leave those programs out of your gameplay. One H1Z1 developer missed that memo as he went fully into a game he helped create with those magical little boosters so many are fond of. Technical Director Joshua Kriegshauser is no stranger to playing his own game on his more
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Often times when we get an expensive machine or gadgets like the PC, TV, or even game consoles, we plug it into a surge protector to protect it against random spike damage. With the release of the Xbox One X, there have been people complaining on how the console won’t turn on anymore. It seems one of the problems causing it is people are using surge protectors on their Xbox One X. According more
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Call of Duty: WWII has had its ups and downs in recent weeks, but as things start to even out it’s clear that the developers are going to begin taking more time to look at server stability, connections issues, and of course, weapon balancing. Today, Game Director Michael Condrey responded to a YouTube video created by NerosCinemo discussing the Domination game mode, Shotguns, Footsteps, and more
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The giant graphics update for Minecraft that was originally scheduled to be released later this year has now been pushed back to next year. Aptly called the “Super Duper Graphics Pack,” the DLC was announced earlier in the year and would completely change the way that you see Minecraft. Pixelated blocks will still be the main component in the building game, but they’ll look much more
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