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A former Call of Duty developer has added to the current wave of rumours suggesting that this year’s COD will be Modern Warfare 4. Replying on Twitter to a fan who declared their intention to defecate if this were to transpire, the developer said “you better buy some brown pants” (via Dexerto). That developer was Robert Bowling, former creative strategist and community manager at more
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Yesterday, Saber Interactive announced that their recently released co-op zombie shooter, World War Z, had sold a million copies worldwide within a week of its launch. While making the announcement, the developer also made remarks about its performance on the Epic Games Store, where it seemed to have done bette than expected. Now we know just how well it has done exactly. Epic Games announced more
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Today, after a week of teasing a Fortnite crossover with Avengers: Endgame, Epic Games and Marvel announced Fortnite: Endgame, a new limited-mode that brings the Avengers to the popular battle royale game on PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, and mobile devices. Best yet, the crossover has an epic new trailer and is already available to play. To roll out the new mode, Epic Games has also more
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Following the reveal of Persona 5 The Royal, new sales figures for the original game have come to light. Just a few weeks back, we learned that Persona 5 had sold 2.4 million copies as of the January 2019 according to Atlus. These figures were impressive in their own right for a JRPG only available on a single platform, but it seems that this total has since climbed a bit more in the past few more
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Treyarch officially released the latest update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 recently, which saw the addition of Deathmatch Domination, new Infected maps added to the rotation, and many other goodies for players to enjoy. However, what arrived was not what fans have been asking for as of late. Featured in previous Call of Duty titles as well as many other games, the popular mode Prop Hunt was more
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Dragon Ball FighterZ is currently in the midst of its second season of DLC fighters, and now fans have gotten a fresh look at the newest addition to the roster: Kid Goku from Dragon Ball GT. While fans may be divisive as to whether or not another Goku addition is a good idea, that may be alleviated by the fact that one of his super attacks transforms him into the fan-favorite Super Saiyan 4 more
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Nintendo usually has big plans in store when it comes to its Electronic Entertainment Expo showcase, and this year’s big surprise might be a smaller switch redesign. Bloomberg recently reported that the company’s shares have rallied with its potential entry into the Chinese game market. It’s set to make them some big bucks if things go according to plan. But it’s a little later in the more
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Even though members of the press and YouTubers haven't gotten their hands on the new Call of Duty, one group has: professional football players. It’s no secret that we know literally nothing about the next Call of Duty game, which is scheduled to release sometime later this year. While we are very quickly approaching the normal time that we would normally get the details on this year’s more
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Since its release on April 24, 2019, 11 bit Studios' Frostpunk has sold 1.4 million copies on PC. One year ago today, 11bit Studios released Frostpunk for PC. The game was received well by critics and seemed to preform well in the days and months after launch. Today, in celebration of the game’s first anniversary, its developer revealed that the game has sold over 1.4 million copies and more
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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has performed very well on digital marketplaces compared to FromSoftware’s other work. According to SuperData, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was among the most successful digital launches in March. The game sold through 1.4 million copies digitally on both PC, and consoles. This is roughly 200,000 copies more than Dark Souls 3 did at its launch in 2016, with consoles more
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