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Are you looking to be a bit more rewarded for your epic Fortnite skills outside the V-Bucks offered for Solo Showdown? Good news is coming your way, because developer Epic Games revealed that the upcoming competitive scene for Fortnite will introduce a staggering $100,000,000 prize pool. Yes, you read that right. $100,000,000. According to Epic Games’ blog post, this is their way of showing more
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Dragon Ball FighterZ is officially adding the blue-haired SSGSS Vegito now that Bandai Namco has confirmed the upcoming DLC as well as a May 31 release date for both him and Fused Zamasu. After what felt like more teasers than Bandai Namco had released for any DLC character prior to Vegito Blue, the publisher finally confirmed that the fused fighter is coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ. In a more
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The hunt for SNES Classic Edition systems continues for many Nintendo fans out there eager to play classics like Super Mario World and The Legend of Zelda: A Link To the Past on their HD TV set-up. Good news -- your search just got a whole lot easier. GameStop has confirmed that the SNES Classic will be back in stock this week through its website. The system can be pre-ordered now for the more
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According to a couple of reports online, Call of Duty 2019 is Modern Warfare 4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 is Infinity Ward’s current project, due for release in 2019. According to Gaming Intel and Charlie Intel reports, the upcoming game will feature a traditional single-player campaign as well as multiplayer and Zombies. Infinity War is also said to be in early talks about more
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In just a matter of months, Epic Games’ Fortnite has become one of the most popular games out there -- if not the most popular. But it leaves us wondering if there’s room for competition down the road with everyone from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 to Battlefield V including Battle Royale modes. But there’s also Red Dead Redemption 2 to consider as Rockstar Games’ forthcoming sequel could more
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It was inevitable that Battlefield would be getting another entry — the question was when. It seems like EA and developer DICE has answered that question via Twitter, teasing an announcement coming Wednesday May 23 at 4 PM Eastern for Battlefield V. Only moments ago, the official Battlefield Twitter account renamed itself to simply “V.” Following that, they sent out this cryptic tweet:
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Ubisoft announced Operation Para Bellum for Rainbow Six Siege will be available next month giving players another reason to keep playing the popular multiplayer-centric first-person shooter. A new video flaunting the new map and Operators was also revealed. Operation Para Bellum will see the release of a brand new map, Villa, set in the Italian countryside, as well as two Italian G.I.S. more
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State of Decay 2 has already been available over the weekend for those that purchased the Ultimate Edition, but Xbox Game Pass owners can also now download the game through a few settings changes. Microsoft’s survival exclusive isn’t due out until tomorrow on May 22 when everyone who owns a Game Pass subscription will get it for free. It’s already out in New Zealand, however, a factor more
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Zombie apocalypse survival game State of Decay 2 hits Xbox One tomorrow, May 22nd, and that means today is the last chance for Amazon Prime members to take advantage of their 20% discount on the physical copy. You can do that right here until the clock strikes midnight. The price of Amazon Prime is going up so if you were planning on getting State of Decay 2 anyway, you might as well pre-order more
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According to rumors compiled by Wccftech, the card, which is to be based on Nvidia's next-gen Turing architecture with a 12nm FinFET die shrink, and will reportedly sport the following numbers, in direct comparison with its predecessor, the currently sold GTX 1080. All of these numbers point to considerable improvements in performance and efficiency. At the end of the day, however, speculating more
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