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Battlefield 1‘s massive June Update is nearly upon us, bringing with it the game’s first night-only multiplayer map, Nivelle Nights. The June Update is set to drop Tuesday, June 20th, with multiplayer going down for approximately two hours on every platform while it is implemented. The update will roll out at different times for each platform, listed below: PC- 12:00 a.m. PT PS4- 2:00 more
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During the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds DreamHack tournament currently underway, developer Bluehole revealed that the game’s next monthly update, due out before the end of June, is going to bring us another new weapon to play with. This time it’s going to be a pistol in the Glock 18-C. The studio only released a single image for the weapon officially, but did not reveal other gameplay more
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If you’re an Xbox player and you’ve been looking to get your hands on some popular indie games then today might be your chance. Today Microsoft unveiled a brand new sale for a number of Xbox One indie games. While there are over 100 titles discounted, some highlights include Jotun: Valhalla Edition, Massive Challice, Saturday Morning RPG, Rogue Legacy, Hitman: The Complete First Season, more
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Origin has received a significant beta update earlier that brought a number of key features to the EA client. First, Origin now supports download speed management. In short, this allows you to set the maximum download speed in and out of game. It’s found in a new section under Application Settings. You’re now also able to monitor in-game frame-rate. The frame-rate tool works more
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Two new gameplay videos for Killer Instinct show the game’s next character, Eagle, taking on Fulgore and Shin Hisako. Eagle is the younger brother of Thunder who was kidnapped by Ultratech to be used as the “human element” in a prototype of their cyborg soldier the Fulgore Mk. III, until he was freed by Glacius. Yesterday, Iron Galaxy revealed that Killer Instinct will be coming to more
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GTA5 may be the most popular game in the world (or one of them- seriously, it’s at 80 million units sold now), but even it cannot afford to piss off its players. And yet, by declaring GTA mods as ‘illegal’ recently, that is exactly what publisher Take 2 have done. The result? The result is that players are now rising up against the game in droves. Steam reviews for the game have become more
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered hasn’t been announced for standalone release, but at this stage we’re all pretty damn convinced its happening despite no announcements at E3 2017. The latest info drop on the subject comes from the reliable Charlie Intel, citing an anonymous tipster. While the information can’t be verified, the site has been supplied with images of a convincing more
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The next chapter in the Master Chief saga was famously absent from E3 2017, and it looks like it will continue to remain a mystery—at least for the next few months. In a recent blog post, Jeff Easterling—a writer for Halo developer 343 Industries—stated that Halo 6 would not be making an appearance at Gamescom 2017 in August or at PAX West in September. Easterling confirmed that 343 more
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Today, you may have booted up your Nintendo Switch to find a brand new firmware update available. That’s because Nintendo of America has released Firmware Update 3.0.0 for its newest platform! Were you wondering what it does? Let’s get into it. Besides some updates that improve the Nintendo Switch’s stability, there are some new notably convenient features that Update 3.0.0 brings to the more
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Back in October, a Reddit user snapped an image of a presentation claiming that the follow up to Rise of the Tomb Raider will be called Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Now, concept art has appeared online that seems to confirm that this will indeed be the title of Crystal Dynamics next game. The images appeared on NeoGAF and were reportedly posted to marketing company Take Off Creative’s website, more
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