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Epic Games has revealed the areas that it will be hoping to improve in Fortnite: Battle Royale in the near future. According to the a post put out by the developer, there are currently several teams working on a number of areas, including team communication, shooting and balance tweaks, loot density, inventory improvements, and improvements for the console UI. The team is also working on a more
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Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, the remaster of the much-beloved PC strategy classic, has been delayed. Set to originally release on October 19th, it will now be coming in early 2018 according to an update by the development team. “When we set out to re-release the original Age of Empires, we had many debates over the extent of restoration that we should undertake. The challenge of more
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t's October's half-way point and just as announced, Microsoft has made available two additional games for Xbox Live Gold members. Arriving in the Games with Gold program today are Bulkhead Interactive's puzzle game, The Turing Test, for the Xbox One and EA's World War II FPS, Medal of Honor: Airborne, for the Xbox 360. Thanks to backward compatibility, the latter is also available on Xbox One more
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Developer Qwertyoruiop has been the only source of hope on the PS4 scene for quite a while, although the hope has been fading away, after months without a PS4 Jailbreak release in sight. Qwertyoruiop directly contributed years ago to the PS4 1.76 Jailbreak (to date the only publicly hackable PS4 firmware), but he also said 6 months ago that he had a fully weaponized exploit for firmware 4.55. more
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Today, Microsoft announced that the Fall Update (or Fall Creators Update on Windows) is available for the Xbox One family of gaming consoles. As with all feature updates, it contains quite a bit. One of the big features is a redesigned Dashboard. You'll find Fluent Design elements throughout the OS, and on the home screen, you can add new content blocks. These allow you to give games, friends, more
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Prison of Elders will not be making its return to Destiny 2. Not yet, anyway. After a few days of rampant rumors, a member of the Bungie community team chimed in on the Destiny sub-Reddit, saying: "No current plans to bring PoE to D2. This is just some leftover bits. Pardon our dust. Just dust and echoes." The "leftover bits" he's referring to is code. Chunks of code pointed to an icon and more
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Console owners already have an idea of how great Destiny 2 is, since that version of the game released early last month. That said, PC owners have been chomping at the bit to give the game a try themselves – and they don’t have to wait too much longer. Ahead of the game’s release for that format next week, Activision and Bungie have unleashed an epic new trailer that gives owners of more
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The recent Star Wars Battlefront II beta stirred up a fair bit of ire for the shooter’s loot box system, not helped by the recent discovery that the loot boxes can be acquired through a currency purchased with real money. With the final conclusion of the beta, publisher Electronic Arts made an effort to save face by explaining why the loot box system isn’t as bad as it seems. A blog post more
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The Xbox brand has been criticized in recent months for not acquiring a lot of marketing deals with third-party publishers like Sony has. On top of that, there are already some who believe that Xbox’s exclusive lineup of games this year was lacking, though they just had a fantastic release with Cuphead. The ethics of locking content behind marketing deals remains a point of contention within more
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A new trailer was revealed for Sledgehammer Games’ Call of Duty: WWII, really playing to last-generation nostalgia. The trailer is sure to make you want to gather your World at War squad again to relive those amazing moments from the game on Xbox Live, PSN, or on Steam. The whole trailer seems to celebrate the fact that Call of Duty is finally going back to boots on the ground, World War 2 more
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