Street Fighter 6 Trailer Details the New Dynamic Controls Option

Street Fighter 6 is building up a lot of hype and anticipation, and as is the case with any new entry in such a major fighting franchise, it’s going to have to live up to expectations in more ways than one. The competitive scene is always crucial in any fighting experience, and that’s going to be no different here, but of course, this is a series that attracts a much wider audience, which means Capcom has to ensure that it doesn’t alienate the more casual crowd either.

Clearly, Street Fighter 6 is taking several steps exactly to that end- which also includes the new Dynamic Controls. This new option was recently revealed, and has now received more details courtesy of a brief new trailer. Available only in select Fighting Ground modes, Dynamic Controls will allow players to execute actions and attacks with single button presses. What actions your character is taking following that single button press will be decided contextually based on how far you are from your opponent. You can get a glimpse of how it’ll work in the trailer below.

Street Fighter 6 launches sometime in 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PC.

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Was never a fan on the street fighter games. Can't believe the franchise is still going


These games kinda suck but the characters are iconic


use to love street fighter back in the day might have to try this one out!

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